The Washington Times National Weekly

‘Feds role in schools reemerges as 2012 campaign issue’, the August 29, 2011 Washington Times headline informs.  Bring it on, louder and more often.  The people need to know about their federal school bureaucracy.

The Department of Education and the EPA are America’s two most socialized agencies.  The socialization of the schools was a top priority for the Fabian Marxist-Socialists when these ‘liberals’ came to America.  Through their disciples, John Dewey, in 1932, they moved their beliefs into the schools through the National Education Association when he became President.  In the 1950’s, these education-socialists took over the NEA and turned it into the Teacher’s Union.  And as Pat Buchanan stated, “The Dumbing-Down of America” through education began.

After Carter paid off the Teacher’s Union with the Department of Education in the late 70’s, they now had control of the classroom’s curriculum.  The teaching of the UN’s world view of multiculturalism, ‘green’ environmentalism, borderless nations, etc., eased out the teaching about America.

The sooner The Washington Times gets Republican candidates to keep up their exposure of what the Department of Education is about, the sooner America’s socializers lose a major part of their authorities’ power.  Returning education to the States, where it belongs, would be a double blow to these anti-American socialists as they lose the centralization of the school system!

Toby Elster


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