Thoughts to Ponder

Who is going to solve our Great Debt crisis?  Is this super committee going to solve anything?  Don’t hold your breath!

Now comes the September 6, 2011 Wall Street Journal ‘Main Street’ column by William McGurn, “The President’s Speech Impediment”.  He never hit the crucial point of why the impediment.  Obama was elected by the ‘high and mighty’ to finish the Socialization of America and her her into the UN’s global government — at the expense of America’s economy, military might — our sovereignty.  As a COmmunist with a cabal of them in the Administration, he got a good start with Obamacare; taking over the auto industry, getting Dodd-Frank passed to meddle in the middle of the finance industry’s business, catering to the Unions and destroying bond contracts, but he also created a backlash; the Tea Parties.  Now he wants a second term and he must cater to the people, but it’s the ‘high and mighty’s’ who pull his strings, but can only buy votes for him, not go to the polls.  Now that’s a good stuttering speech impediment!  Let’s so ‘NO WAY’ to a second term!

Obama has already proved one cannot believe anything he says.  Here comes more double talk!

Toby Elster


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