Committee for Justice

The Constitutional Foundation empathizes with the Committee for Justice’s efforts and needs of funds.  TCF has never experienced anything but that.  Yet, in a mere four years, we have helped expose the socialization of America.  In 2o08, the Wall Street Journal was publishing articles on socialism in America.  Something that was never heard, read, or even believed by Americans prior to TCF’s crusade to create an America for Americans only.

Unless we protect our Constitution from those who want to destroy it, then even a good outcome in 2012 election won’t solve the problem.  It will not accomplish:

Destroying the enemy in our midst.

It will not be a victory if winning America’s Internal War against Her foreign ideologists does not destroy them.

There is no way America’s Constitutional government can exist with the ‘isms’ of Fascism and certainly not with Sharia Law, which is fundamental Mohammadism.

Unless the enemy is destroyed, it will not be a clear or unchallenged road to restore the Founder’s principles.

It is not a permanent guard against another attack on Americanism by a foreign Fascism.  Only the Rule of Law can curtail that.

Nor can a war be won with an enemy in one’s midst.

And it won’t stop America’s insanity of allowing the enemy to use the Constitution to destroy the Constitution.

In TCF’s forty year research to find out how, why, and who undermined America’s foundation — Her Constitution — it summarizes as, “The unknown and untold political history of America’s 20th Century of the three “T’s” of a society’s destruction: Traitors, Treachery, and Treason by the High and Mighty.  Untold because it has been censored out of the media by omission since approximately 1915.  Consequently, it is unknown, and once again Americans find it hard to believe that it could happen in America.  It is the inside story of the Socialization of America.

Thank you, for America’s Sake

Toby Elster


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