To Rand Paul & Steve Forbes

Are the Conservatives on the road to victory?  The first effort the Conservatives made against America’s anti-American foreign ideolog, America’s Constitution-destroyers for a socialized America to yield to a global government, as far as TCf has uncovered, is Human Events in the 1940’s.  That was followed by Bill Buckley’s book, ‘God and Man at Yale’.  Of the, at least, several hundred efforts of untold thousand of millions of dollars spent trying to stop the socialization of America, yet today the Administration is staffed by a cabal of Communists.  Oh yes, they are; compare how they accomplish what the legislature won’t enact to how Stalin and Lenin operated — except for the bullets the latter used to subdue their opposition.

What is being proposed today is what has been tried since the 40’s.  Yes, it may curtail them, hopefully again, but for how long?  Until the following election or two, maybe three, then it starts over once again.  Recall Communism being dead, but Socialism never was or is, so Communism arises from the dead.  That must be addressed if there is to be a permanent solution to America’s internal war.  No, it is not a political debate, it’s a war to determine which way America goes; back to her principles of the Founders, or to a global government of socialism.  The Economist recognized it as such, but Americans have their minds elsewhere.

What is not being done to win the internal war is destroying the anti-American enemy in our midst.  How can America’s internal war be won if the enemy is allowed to reside in the Conservatives camp.  How insane are we to allow the enemy in our midst destroy Americanism by using the Constitution to destroy the Constitution?

The Constitutional Foundation offers a solution that comes from it’s 40 plus years of researching America’s anti-American enemy in Her midst.  The issue addresses destroying the enemy; that the solution is a permanent one to last for generations; that it gives the Constitution a means to protect itself from the ‘isms’ of fascism arising in it’s midst again; and just as important it gives the people the means to guard and protect their freedoms, rights, private property, Rule of Law, et al which the Founders told the people had to be guarded.

This is the solution:

Article III, Section 3: “Whoever knowingly and willfully advocates, abets, advises, or teachers the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of moving to install a foreign ideology whose theory or desires contradicts the Founder’s created Constitution which will or can destroy the Constitution of the United States of America are punishable for Treason as set out in the original Article III, Section 3 of the Constitution of the United States of America.”


Toby Elster


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