What Goes with the EPA?

Your Constitutional Foundation exposes the socialization of America.  History, a rear window view, answers many questions — and especially why the behavior of nation’s governing.  Or what goes through the minds of those who rule for an insight of what to expect.  For instance, TCF’s principles forty years of rear window looking at why, how, and who socialized your America allowed us to know what Obama meant by his ‘change’ and what to expect.  He didn’t disappoint us, unfortunately!  We knew never to believe what he said, and that his methods to attain his objectives where no different than those of Lenin and Stalin.  That those who joined him from Congress were surprising.  Obama’s mind has been warped into Communism through his education.

America’s greatest socializing agency, besides the Department of Education, is the Environmental Protection Agency.  The EPA is the American offspring of the UN’s climate or Global Cooling? Warming? Climate Change? policies.  The Environmental movement was created by the world’s greatest socialists as a substitute for wars to distract people’s attention that the UN was to lead a global government of socialized nations.  Originally created to solve the world’s poverty, this is a common Socialist method of lying.

The Environmental movement was recognized for what it was when their scare tactics of lies began — a political movement to socialize the world.  A handful of us non-believers started with anti-environmental exposure 50 years ago with no results.  The EPA came to be in December of 1970.  Today it is a bureaucracy of 18,000 employees.  Finally, in the 90’s, science began to be available proving the lies of the political ‘greens’, with little results, except to expand the attacks on the color blind greens.  The UN’s Intergovernmental Panels’ lies increased.

In June 2007, in a finally published letter by the American Oil & Gas Reporter, which began “Global Warming is the greatest scam ever perpetuated on humanity”, was followed in four months by being spread through the air waves.  Nothing changed!  Along came the purlined emails exposing the fake and phony science of the UN’s climate panel at Copenhagen.  It destroyed the fourth, that treaty gathering, but nothing else.  The EPA decalred, with no evidence, that a plant necessity, of CO2, was a pollutant.  The EPA now demands clean air and water of counties with dirty air, that has been in existence a couple of centuries, are now killing people!  The EPA is America’s greatest job destroyer and greatest money waster through it’s dictates of unnecessary and counterproductive imagine over-kill.  It has not accountability except the President, does not issue cost analysis of what it requires, and ignores proved science.  The Congress gives the EPA a rubber stamp as they are brainwashed dead by the CBG’s or sold out to them.  Why term limits should be a must.

Now comes the European Organization for Nuclear Research, at the Franco-Swiss particle accelerator, reviving the two decades buried solar-cosmic racy effects on the planets climate.  The accelerators cloud chamber found a direct relation between the solar winds — cosmic rays enhancing cloud formation in the lab.

This out of control agency must be stopped!

Toby Elster


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