American Studies Center & Radio America

Thank you for alerting the Constitutional Foundation to Obama’s attack on ‘Localism’.  The two letters of protest to the Congressional leaders are being directed directly to their offices.  That is all the TCF can do to help the cause, except to introduce the President of Radio America to Plan B to rid America of Her enemy in our midst: the Obamas, their cabal and useful idiots.  Plan A is what the Tea Parties pursue, that is the same thing that the Conservatives have been trying for over 60 years.  They out-smarted themselves, weren’t or aren’t aware who the enemy was, and America now suffers with a Communist administration and supporters destroying America’s sovereignty.  Yes, they are Communists, and TCF understands why they were not stopped prior to 1950.

Being very brief, TCF has accomplished exposing the socialization of America and now moves to set the foundation to restore Americanism.  Actually, TCF began in 1970 when it’s principal discovered what he had learned in military intelligence school was actually happening — that America had an internal enemy in Her midst undermining America’s foundation. the Constitution  These 40 plus years of research to find out who, how, and why summarizes as, ‘The untold and unknown political history of America’s 20th Century of the three ‘T”s of a nation’s destruction: Traitors, Treachery, and Treason by the ‘high and mighty’ for a global government dictated by the United Nations. (Their experiment with the European Union is falling apart, just as predicted!!!)

There is nothing about the Obamas’ and his ilk that surprises me.  They are Communists, with communist objectives for America and a global government.  Nothing is going to even bend their beliefs or efforts.  And as history proves, they will rise from the dead.  There are a half dozen good reasons why America won’t be restored to Her Founder’s principles as long as their enemy is in our midst.  And Mr. Roberts expounded on one of those reasons in their “Additional Control’ of the media!

Using the principles of America’s winning Her wars prior to the days of the United Nations was around to ‘direct’ America’s foreign policy and wars, Plan B has been put forth that is a must for America’s longevity so Her future generations can enjoy the peace and prosperity our Founders created.  Two plus centuries was not what they had in mind.  They knew of the Obamas, their evils, and how they rise from the dead.  Unfortunately, they did not give the Constitution the same means to protect itself or the people what the Constitution guarantees them.  Now was their warning sufficient against the evil of Socialists.

That can be correct with a simple amendment to the Constitution’s definition of Treason.  And it becomes a permanent solution, not subject to change with every election.  No wars, internal or otherwise, and America is in an internal war for her survival, can be won with an enemy in one’s midst! Plan B addresses that!

For America’s Sake

Toby Elster


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