Open Letter concerning letters to TCF

Thank you for the mailing, it was informative.  The first thing I noticed in the SACA part of the Internal Security Act was members of the Communist Party. Most were never card carrying members so that blows a BIG HOLE in the Communist Control Act of 1954. There is also a Public Law, Section 2385 of the Federal Criminal Code covering the overthrow of the government.  Who in their right mind would admit that?  Another BIG HOLE for the enemy to slip through.

The suggested amendment to the Constitution boils it down to destroying the Constitution — not who they are — only for the court to decide what their intent is.  All the ‘isms’ of Fascism must destroy the Constitution to gain their ends, so if a professor is indoctrinating Socialism, that is a ‘foreign ideology’ to destroy the Constitution.  The amendment doesn’t ask what he belongs to, only his intent.  That should be far more powerful than all the laws gathering dust that our Attorney Generals won’t pursue.

You didn’t say how you were to attain enforcement of laws against criminal and civil illegal activity?  Don’t overlook the Oath of Office!  Nearly all who take it, except the military, commit perjury!  The Oath needs amending also to put some teeth in it so prosecution can be attained against offenders.  Even if it only forces resignations for offenders.

You are right about non-law enforcement.  Socialism is a dastadly evil long before it’s popular consequences are experienced.  It destroys what works to install their beliefs.  It destroys the fiber and culture of a nation, America, and it is done through our public schools.  Why America is already 50% socialized.  Those papers hit the presses recently.  These confirm what I’ve written — the insanity of our leaders and courts for allowing the enemy in our midst use the Constitution to destroy the Constitution, backing up a failure of culture.  Democratic Socialism is the Fabian’s Marxism.  They also are the political socializers of America — through our education system!  Their educated socialized disciples still control American education through the National Education Association and the Department of Education, indoctrinating socialism into young minds.  Americans can’t or won’t see it.  I guess they believe the Teacher’s Union is controlled by teachers who believe in America.  That hasn’t been true since the 50’s.  Why our education went down the tube, done on purpose!

Before much is going to change over the long period, the school system must first be changed.  Amending the Constitution as suggested by the Constitutional Foundation, if 2012 doesn’t lead to a veto-proof Congress and President for the Conservatives, Plan B, the Amendment, is the next step to stop the enemy in our midst from winning America’s internal war and taking America down the road to disaster.  As the saying goes, “We ain’t seen nothing yet.”  And Obama is the mouthpiece.

But when TCF started this in 2003, Americans had never heard or read about socialism with America.  They believed in the myth that it was dead, so they have already had a rude awakening.  There’s more to come so we can’t quit — until the internal war is won, the foreign ideologue minds of anti-Americans are on the run, in hiding, or left.  Plan B sends them there and does it so permanently so they won’t be able to arise from the dead either.

In thinking up ways to get the message of America’s destruction and danger into closed minds, I sum up what I’ve discovered in the over 40 years of finding out what went wrong with America.

Toby Elster


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