How American Was Socialized – An Introduction

In an article in the American Spectator by Senior Editor Tom Bethel, October 2011, “The British Riots: An Object Lesson”, actually informs Americans.  The editor states, “The ruling class in Britain is rotten to the core.”  Every time I return to the U.S. I sense that the ‘same destructive forces are at work here as in Britain…”

That shouldn’t be surprising.  It was the Fabians of London, started by Beatrice and Sidney Webb, who, in 1884, decided a society’s beliefs could only be changed by education.  They had tried Karl Marx’s idea of revolution by the workers, and having it fall apart after a good start.  The workers were not interested in revolution.

It was the Fabians who educated Germany into Marx’s Socialism, thanks to the Frankfort University.  England and her colonies got the same through the Fabian disciples in Cambridge and Oxford.  The Fabian’s objective was the answer to world poverty (that England was in the depths of at the time).  They also adopted Cecil Rhodes idea of a world government for their world of Marxist Socialism.  Rhodes wanted a world government for economic reasons; the Fabians’ dreams of such was political.

Proving their theory of educating Socialism to change societies, they came to America in 1899 to socialize America.  Without America there could not be a world government.

To mention Socialism to an American then (usually referred to as the sour old men of Europe) would get the same response if someone hollered, A BOMB!  So the Fabians came as ‘Liberals”.  (Liberals then were unpolitical correct of today’s classical liberals or Conservatives.)

The Fabians had a ready made foundation and built on Hegel’s Progressives, of a small group of Ivy League Professors who had been instructing Hegel’s non-atheist socialism since about the mid 1800’s.  These Fabians, of the British intelligentsia, bought their ‘white papers’ from the Ivy League College Deans to educate America’s future aides and influencials of the second tier of government into socialism.  The second tier because they did not want to expose themselves.  John D. Rockefeller gave them $11,000,000 to spread their education, wanting a global government.  It was the beginning of the ‘high and mighty’ for globalism.  Rockefeller was already an international banker and one of the richest men in the world.

The Fabians were very successful.  In 1915, socialism was recognized for what it was, in the Woodrow Wilson administration.  The censorship by omission and political correctness became the order of the day to keep from the people finding out what was happening.  By the 1920’s, Socialism in the government was well established.  America’s educated Socialist, in the Hoover Administration, were already making America’s policies and legislation, and had penetrated and influenced the State Department’s Foreign Division.

The rest is the untold and unknown political history of America’s 20th Century.  America’s greatest pushers for the socialization of America for a global government were Franklin D. Roosevelt, who put socialism into the society; Harry Truman, not a Socialist, but he served the high and mighty; Lyndon Johnson with his ‘War on Poverty’; Jimmy Carter was a ‘lap dog’ for the United Nations; the Clintons; and George H.W. Bush who was a stated, New World Order, global government friend.  All but three Presidents allowed the United Nations to influence America’s foreign policy.  Carter probably damaged America the worst by giving America’s Education Socialists the Department of Education.  Now they had complete control of America’s public education and controlled the classroom’s curriculum.


LBJ is a case study.  Not a socialist, but his search for glory led him there.  In South Texas, he was known as a cattle rustler and horse thief.  He got elected to the Senate by a fraudulent election of stolen votes.  The rest is history.  It is more proved then not that he instigated the Vietnam War.  Then he turned it’s execution over to McNamera of the Whiz Kids, all globalists for a global government, and America got a holy mess and the first war it has ever lost.  Evidently, he saw glory in curing poverty.  He spent a trillion dollars on his War on Poverty only to find out that those in Appalachia didn’t want to change.  They were content as things had been for centuries.

The three Presidents who didn’t allow the United Nations to dictate our foreign policy were Eisenhower, Reagan, and George W. Bush’s first term.  The biggest lie of the Iraq War was that Bush lied.  Like many organizations and individuals of influence before him, he had the high and mighty’s attack dogs turned on him. WHY?  He belittled the United Nation’s Secretary General, Kofi Annan, broadcast to the news that the U.N. was inept, inadequate, insufficient, and more or less to keep their noses out of our business.  The U.N. is the high and mighty’s headquarters for their global government and promoters.  And the world’s socialized media was turned loose on Bush to bring him down and render him impotent and discredited.  The same thing they had done to Sen. Joe McCarthy by Truman when he was trying to tell the people what FDR had done to America.

The Fabians were so successful because they had the assistance of the traitors and treachery of the high and mighty who created the untold and unknown political history of America’s 20th Century.  Our elected, who rip to shreds their Oath of Office, and commit perjury.  We won’t prosecute that so amending the Constitution’s definition of treason should have the teeth that bite.

Toby Elster


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