Letter to the Wichita Eagle 10/4/2011

‘Is Pompeo Carrying Water For Kochs?”, a Wichita Eagle Opinion Pro and Con; the Winfield Daily Courier and Congressman Mike Pompeo, respectively (October 2, 2011) Good gosh, since when does any one have to carry water for the Kochs?  They are staunch capitalists, believe in free markets, the greatest of Patriots and firm pro Americans of the Founder’s principles, and help fund numerous organizations that has done more to, at least, slow the socialization of America to keep Her out of the world’s great Socialist’s global government then most.  And so did their father before them.

Can’t the Winfield Daily Courier’s writers recognize two minds that believe alike?  Speculation on what might be requires a knowledge of one’s beliefs to keep from going astray.  Kansas is blessed with a Congressman such as Mike Pompeo.  Patriotic, believes in America’s might, and has the fortitude – back bone – to stand up and fight for what makes America great again.

It is sad that America doesn’t have 70 Senators with that commitment to their Oath of Office.

Toby Elster


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