Protect Our Liberty Fund

TCF is with Protect Our Liberty’s objective.  We bring to your attention that there is another way to ‘grease the skids’ under Obama and his cabal of Communists (Yes, they are!) and their useful idiots, their followers.  It has become evident that the courts will not hear a case of his birth: the FBI investigation appears ‘on hold’ and; most likely, which answers many of the questions and they why of the secrecy, is that Obama’s father was Frank Davis.  They are hiding that truth, that he was born of a bastard, ALSO.

Plan B, the grease for the skids, comes out of 40 plus years of researching out the why, who and how of what has caused America’s internal political war with a government full of anti-American Constitution-destroyers who undermine America’s foundation.  Also referred to as America’s enemy within or the enemy in our midst.  Plan B destroys the enemy and does so permanently.  This enemy has a history of rising from the dead!  America’s future generations need protecting too!  Plan B backs up Plan A, the Tea Partiers’ efforts who follow, hopefully, with much more success, that has been tried for over 60 years to stop the socialization of America by the enemy in our midst.  Should Plan A be successful, Plan B is still necessary.  Plan B destroys the enemy and that is a necessity for America’s peace and prosperity longevity.

The Constitutional Foundation, financially is barely in existence, but it is rich in knowledge of why America faces these problems today.  TCF has a favor to ask, for America’s sake.  If Patriotic Americans were awake, and there are still 50 million of them who vote, were aware of Plan B, the ilk of the Obama’s could never win an election again.  Plan B needs to be brought to the people’s attention.  When it becomes common knowledge, the enemy will be on the defensive and moving to save their hides.  Hopefully your ads will spare a squib stating Plan B and TCF’s website address to undo the Obama’s cabal.  And that the mention of Plan B will enhance your donations.

For America’s Sake,

Toby Elster


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