To Christine O’Donnell

“Trouble Maker; Let’s Do What It Takes to Make America Great Again”, and that takes us straight down the same road.  The problems there are numerous, it is not a straight road, with several routes, many detours, a dead end, or two, and a never ending fight.  That has been The Constitutional Foundation’s experience and we’re sure “Trouble Maker” experienced the same on your effort to get to the Senate.  Unfortunately, you ran into what is rotten in the Beltway.  That makes Congress smell somewhat worse, ganging up on an innocent trouble maker as a No! No! to join into their exclusive club of ‘first priority — protect our behinds’!  Better hunting next time when those ‘old dogs’ are gone.

In the meantime, so Christine O’Donnell keeps in the political light, to make America great again, perhaps TCF can assist getting you back on the road again.  That requires a little background.  In four years, TCF exposed the socialization of America, after being told by an expert it couldn’t be done.  When we started, Socialism in America was never heard or read about, and all believed it was dead.  They were confused.  That was supposed to be Communism, but as Lenin noted, Socialism is the first step to Communism.  Today, an entire ruling cabal of Communists are headed by the CEO Communist in the White House.  That all comes from finding out the why, who and how America got socialized and why the Conservatives, with 60 plus years of trying, couldn’t hardly slow, let alone stop the socialization of America.  A few unwritten books came out of the 40 years of research to find those answers.  In summary, it is the untold and unknown political history of America’s 20th Century of Americanism’s destruction by the ‘three T’s'” Traitors, Treachery and Treason of undermining America’s foundation to socialize America into the global government by destroying America’s military and economic might for Her to cede Her sovereignty to the U.N.. But there is an answer and a way to stop them.  It comes out of the knowledge of how America’s enemy within our midst accomplished their objective.

The Tea Parties pursue the same that the Conservatives have tried, except on a much broader base.  We wish them great success, but even with that, it won’t be a permanent solution.  That is a must for the future generations because, history writes that Socialism (all of the ‘isms’ of Fascism) arise from the dead sooner or later.

The solution, we call Plan B, which incorporates a couple proven truisms that must be addressed in any permanent plan:

A) The enemy must be destroyed or the enemy will destroy you.  And that is exactly what is happening to Americanism today as the society succumbs to the deterioration of socialism’s attacks on America’s culture, behavior, patriotism, individualism, et al.

B) A war cannot be won with an enemy’s in one’s midst.  America is in an internal war, not a political fight, against a foreign ideology that must destroy the Constitution to attain their evil ends.  This has been happening, slowly over the past 40 years, ever since our anti-American Socialists, our Constitution-destroyers, outed themselves during the Vietnam War and moved into the courts, using the Constitution to destroy the Constitution.

So ‘to make America great again’ and to keep her great for centuries, the enemy must be gotten out of our midst and destroyed.  It can be done.  It better be done!

Plan B calls for a simple amendment to the Constitution’s definition of Treason to bring it into the 21st Century to serve America in Her dire time of need today.  The suggested amendment would make anyone who advocates or moves that will or can destroy the Constitution, the Traitors they are, punishable for Treason.  The message of amending the Constitution as it is set out will have a very positive effect when that message becomes common knowledge.  It puts the enemy within our midst on the defensive.  That will start to change minds, others to go into hiding or flee.  But the amendment has to be enacted to give the Constitution the means to protect itself.  And the people the means to guard and protect their freedoms, rights, private property and the Rule of Law.  That also protects the generations for centuries to come as America returns to the road of peace and prosperity, making Her Great Again.

Toby Elster


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