Food for Thought – The British Riots

‘The British Riots: An Object Lesson” by Tom Bethell, The American Spectator, Oct. 2011, has an awakening for America.  Bethell reviews the “Cameron Problem”, David Cameron, British Prime Minister, nominally conservative, and Ed Miliband, Leader of the Labour Party.  Bethell bemoans the England of today, ‘The Welfare State’, “which has reached absurd levels in England, instructs the underclass that they are not responsible for anything that happens to them. Nothing is their fault…” “Parents are severely restricted in how they can discipline their children,” and illustrates it with the following cry of one such parent. “I am heartbroken and totally ashamed,” he said of his daughter’s criminal actions.  “This is the end product of a society that tells you that you can’t discipline your children.”  Those who do, he said, risk being reported to police or social services.  He concluded, “Children now have the power over their parents, rather than the other way around.”  “I think all modern parents will recognize the truth in this.  Except for David Cameron and Ed Miliband.”

And that is the consequences of raising children permissively, which Socialists advocate.  America’s problem is with bullying.  And they do not realize that taking the ability of principles and teachers to discipline students is the reason bullying runs rampant in the schools.

“…Cameron teamed up with the Liberal Democrats, who were given major cabinet posts and a great deal of influence.”  “Cameron’s business secretary, Vincent Cabel, is anti-business, and would fit comfortably into the Obama Administration.”

In essence, Bethell is stating that England is socialized again.  Margret Thatcher’s work, unsocializing England, has been undone.  The glue of the society she re-established in the English doesn’t hold the society together anymore!  Why?  Thatcher didn’t or couldn’t depower England’s enemy in their midst.  They arose again stronger than ever.  As in America, the mentality ruling the government is of the enemy of anti-Americanism.

America’s enemy in our midst, anti-American Socialists/Communists moving for a global government under the United Nations for America to cede Her sovereignty: economic and military might; open Her borders wide to all; cede Her citizenship to a multicultural society; and bow to the U.N.’s dictates, who have created America’s internal war against America’s patriotism and independence, must be destroyed before they complete their objective and win the internal war.  They have to be destroyed before America’s patriotic can restore the Founder’s principle and make the Constitution powerful and great once again.  That is the road to peace and prosperity that America was blessed with for Her first 200 years.

There is a solution for America before it’s too late.  A speck of background for the solution.  Your Constitutional Foundation has the benefit of 40 years of research figuring out the why, who, and how of what went wrong with America.  Also why in 60 years of trying, the conservatives could not slow, let along stop the socialization of America.  Now we have a cabal of Communists in the White House dictating what destroys the British!  The summation of the research is, ‘the unknown and untold political history of America’s 20th Century of efforts of the high and mighty for a global government destruction of Americanism by the ‘Three T’s’ for a disaster: Traitors, Treachery, and Treason by undermining America’ foundation, her Constitution.  It is the unbelievable events of the socialization of America.  Unbelievable because it has been censored out of the media by omission since 1915, when socialism was first recognized in the government.

A simple amendment to the Constitution’s definition of Treason will win America’s internal war by the Patriotic.  The definition of Treason, to bring it into the 21st Century to serve America today in Her dire need, by making anyone whose efforts or sedition can or will destroy the Constitution, the traitors they are, subject to prosecution for treason.  The suggested amendment is on the site.  As soon as the movement makes the amendment common knowledge, the enemy will be on the defensive and their end is on the way.  Wars are won by destroying the enemy’s ability to fight anymore.  The amendment will destroy an enemy’s ability to arise from the dead.  It gives the Constitution the means to protect itself for centuries to come and the people the means to guard and protect their Constitutional rights of freedom, private property, Rule of Law, and more.

Senior Editor Tom Bethell concluded his article by noting, “The ruling class in Britain is rotten to the core. Every time I return to the U.S., I sense that the same destructive forces are at work here as in Britain — with the important difference that the forces of sanity are still alive and politically effective on this side of the Atlantic.”

TCF concurs but with hesitation of the strength of our political force.  Americans have the insanity of allowing the enemy in our midst to use the Constitution to destroy the Constitution.  We elect leaders, then don’t hold them to their Oath of Office.  The political parties are still the political power in America; but who pulls the reigns of the political parties?  Except in cases such as Ronald Reagan’s election, it is the high and mighty for globalization.  They can’t pull the reigns, but with their control of America’s main media, the pull them with influence, more often then not, in both parties.  That is why the attacks on the Tea Party.  They are anti-high and mighty.  The ‘old dogs’ of the Republican Party are in the high and mighty’s influence, and they must go.  The Tea Party must take over the Republican Party, Congress, and the Administration.  Stick together, screen the minds of those wannabes of position and power for their patriotism and fortitude of persistence, and clean out the White House, get a veto-proof Congress, and put America back on the road the Founders created for us.

Toby Elster


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