To the Oil & Gas Journal 10/14/2011

“Fairness and elitism’ editorial, O&G Journal October 3, 2011 missed the bullseye.  Taxing the rich is the smoke screen.  As far as Warren Buffett is concerned, making $63 million last year and paying $7 million in taxes makes him unhappy.  He can always give it all to the IRS.  If he and all his ilk, making a mere million did, it still wouldn’t be enough for the trillions of dollars Obama seeks.  The problem with elitism is first with the President and then the IRS.

Regardless of how one wishes to turn, shake, or strip the President’s mind, it takes Lenin’s observation that Socialism is the first step to Communism, and uses taxing the rich to get where the money is.  Obama’s taxing the rich, and many have informed the sums he wants the rich can’t fill the bill, is only the first step to where the money is — the middle producing class.  Tomorrow the spin becomes, the rich still don’t pay enough, and the IRS slips the $250,000 floor down to all making such as $50,000 to get more taxes, dictated with an executive order.  And are the Buffett’s of the world concerned?  Not if they are Obama’s ‘friends’.  They know Obama exempts his ‘friends’, aka money raisers for his campaigns.

Toby Elster


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