Tea Party Patriots of America

Thank you for you letters, they are appreciated.  Your efforts and accomplishments are commendable and a blessing for patriotic Americans.  The statement, “…to enlist support…for a serious budget and government reform plan…” and then list four items that are a must for America’s economic health.  Keep up the great work.  But where is the just as important one, the foresight to see that America’s Constitution destroying enemy within our midst gets destroyed, and then doesn’t arise from the dead again?  America’s internal war cannot be won with the enemy in our midst.  And the enemy that deceived their way into the White House and spread their Communistic tentacles throughout America’s governing bodies and the society, who also leads the Democrats down his anti-American legislation to America’s destruction.

The Tea Party Patriots have received at least two mailings from the Constitutional Foundation which set out a permanent solution to America’s foreign ideology problem in our midst.  For the Tea Party Patriots to succeed with their plans, and to restore America’s destroyed Constitutional principles, the enemy within our midst must be destroyed — rendered powerless and out of the way, or we won’t be able to “Take America Back”, let alone restore America’s greatness.  Then to make the effort a lasting one for all future generations to enjoy the America that could deliver what the Constitution promises, which is the road to peace and prosperity.  Amending the Constitution’s definition of Treason, as suggested previously, is the answer to a permanent cure to the paving of that road.  And that road, which requires an unmatched economy and military power, is what the enemy within our midst doesn’t want America to have, works to destroy what is left of the one She has, and the socialization of America hasn’t even been stopped yet, by which the enemy within accomplishes their objectives.

As you should be aware of, these things don’t just happen.  Ideas have to be planted in the people’s minds before the begin to act.  Hopefully the 2012 election gives the Tea Partiers control of the government.  Even if so, America still will need the permanent solution, as the ‘isms’ of Fascism has a history of rising from the dead (for known reason).  And societies of complacency, who put their faith in their government to watch out for them, fall victim to the evil of Socialism’s efforts again.  This evil penetrates from the top!

Should the 2012 election not change much, then the amendment becomes a must.  Will your listeners be acceptable to the amendment’s message?  I spoke recently to a group of 150 of them.  Actually, the issue was the Keystone pipeline, but I mentioned the amendment — that it would make Traitors of those whose efforts are to destroy, or could help destroy the Constitution, punishable for Treason.  Have you ever had a 100% audience go into a combustion of hand held high clapping?  They sure did! Try it!!!

In the research to find out why the conservatives efforts of over 60 years didn’t even hardly slow the socialization of America, let along stop it — the results, of course, is an Obama and his cabal of Communists running an anti-American government.  The Tea Parties are following in the same foot steps of the previous patriots.  Hopefully, the Tea Parties wider base will make a difference, but even at that, the longevity of the Tea Parties’ efforts are numbered by each election.  A change will bring the ‘do-gooders’ back.

The people want a permanent solution.  America’s election used to be what is the best way for America, not which way for America to go!  A permanent solution eliminates elections of ‘which way to go’, which is America’s war today.

Time is a factor.  America is losing her patriotic fortitude and the independence of human ingenuity — that which won WWII.  WHY?  Because we are being educated out of America’s youth.  America’s education-Socialists penetrated our public schools in the 50’s and got control, planning the classroom’s curriculum, when Carter gave them the Department of Education.  Getting control of the schools again is a must and top priority for “Taking America Back.”  America’s Socialists, Her anti-American Constitution-destroyers have already educated three generations.  They were the ones demonstrating against ‘Wall Street’, aka Useful Idiots.

Join us, inform listeners of the need to protect our country and Her Constitution!

Toby Elster


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