Rob Boston’s ‘Perry’s Prayer-a-palooza Panned’ from Church & State

One of my political misguided acquaintances handed me a copy of this article, and a note that said, ‘Here’s your man!’  As usual he is wrong.  Neither one of the issues covered is the Constitutional Foundation’s addressing, but your statement about ‘issuing a reprimand to those who are trying to manipulate our Constitutional rights are.  TCF does not mix religious matters except to separate out the unpatriotic ones.  Your statement didn’t appear to be a message to influence.  While TCF would state that Constitutional rights have been and are on the way to destruction.  The Constitutional Foundation moves to destroy those who destroy the Constitution.  That is a must if such as Americans United hopes to continue to send Barry Lynn to speak their beliefs under the Founders’ principles they ceded to the people.

Unfortunately, the Founders did not give us, the people, the means to guard and protect those rights.  Nor did they give the Constitution the means to protect and defend itself.  What the FOunders warned us against has occurred.  America is in an internal war, Her Patriotic against the anti-American Constitution-destroyers wishing our society to be of a foreign ideology.  So America is not in a political debate, but a war to determine which way we go — with the Founder’s Constitutional Rule of Law or with the Socialism of America’s enemy in Her midst.  For the patriotic to win the war, and defeat the enemy in our midst, we must act with a solid solution.

There is a solution to change that, reverse America’s headlong plunge into Socialism, and restore the Constitution and the Founder’s principles.  The Tea Parties move to elect a supporting Congress and Administration, but, even if successful. and hopefully they are, it is only a solution that could fall apart in the next election or two, and surely eventually.  History documents America’s enemy in our midst as, sooner or later, arising from the dead.  To guard against that from happening in America again, TCF’s solution addresses the event re-occuring, with a permanent solution to be embedded in the Constitution that makes it an act of Treason to destroy the Constitution.

The solution calls for an amendment, as an addition, to the Constitution’s definition of Treason, to bring it into the 21st Century to serve America today in Her dire need.  The suggested amendment would make Traitors of anyone who moves to destroy the Constitution, subject to prosecution for Treason.

Addressing an audience of 150 Tea Partiers, when I mentioned the amendment would prosecute our Constitution-destroyers, all hands went up and clapped resoundingly.  They will be the groundswell to see that the amendment gets enacted as soon as Patriotic Americans are awakened to the fact there is a permanent solution to America’s misbelievers of a socialistic society.  To date, America has educated three generations of them.

Spread the message far and wide!

Toby Elster


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