Human Events Spotlight Item by John Gizzi

We must be on the same wave length, Generation Opportunity, receiving the same message.  I’m referring to the voting record of the 18-29 year olds in the 2000 election.  Using an unremembered survey, recognizing that it was the 18-29 year olds who elected Obama, The Constitutional Foundation put together ‘An Alert’ that these minds needed an education of the truths about America before the next election, and send it out to numerous editors and organizations.  It was picked up by at least two, Human Events and the Collegiate Republicans that TCF knows about.  Now Gizzi states that a polling company says that 57% say they’ll know better next time.  If that means that many votes will swing, leaving Obama with not enough of their votes to vote him in, TCF sees Obama as a big loser.  Now their ideology needs to be destroyed.

That was only a side line of TCF’s efforts towards restoring Americanism.  Our objective is to get rid of the Obama’s and his likes and out of America’s midst as soon as possible and for good.  Since his ideological brotherhood have arisen from the dead, as history records, that becomes a must consideration for any solution to America’s foreign ideology problems.  Prior to the socialization of America, America’s patriotism kept them out of power.  That is not true anymore. The enemy in our midst destroys that patriotism.

TCF’s president spent 40 years researching the why, who and how America got into today’s internal war.  An internal war Patriotic Americans must win to make sure that America returns to Her Constitutional foundation.  This is not a political debate to determine the best way to settle an issue.  This is a war for America’s existence to move forward on the way to peace and prosperity.  Obama and his cabal move America towards a sure disaster that there are already signs of.  TCF summarizes the 40 years of research as the, ‘untold and unknown political history of America’s 20th Century, Her foundation undermined by the ‘three T’s’ of a sure disaster: Traitors, Treachery, and Treason to create a global government under Socialism.  And that research led to a solution from  which the Constitution can defend itself from the ‘isms’ of Fascism from ever being under their attack again.  And also give the people the means to protect and guard their freedoms, rights, independence, et al, and allow their human ingenuity to create and prosper them, as Americans used to enjoy.

The solution to America’s foreign ideological enemy in our midst is a simple amendment to the Constitution’s definition of Treason to bring the definition into the 21st Century to serve America today in her dire need.  We must also give the oath of office the support it needs because many have taken it lightly.

The Tea Parties and Veterans will see to the enactment of the amendment once they are awakened to the untold and unknown political history of America’s 20th Century.  The message of the amendment’s solution, once it becomes common knowledge, will change a lot of minds, send many into hiding and silence, and a few may flee.  That is what happened when America had a strong patriotic leadership and they prosecuted the Communists in the late 1940’s.

Generation Opportunity:  Reaching the millenials, should help spread the message far, wide, loud and often as they inform the young Americans of what America is burdened with today.

Toby Elster


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