Putting forth the truths

Cartoonist, when ever they illustrate a smokestack, it always has black smoke coming from it.  Today that is a lie as it denotes coal being used as a fuel.  The coal part is true, the back smoke is a lie.  Coal has been cleaned ever since acid rain was news.  No more dirty coal, no more acid rain.  What one sees coming from those smoke today is white and almost all water vapor.

Next time you observed one of those cartoons illustrating black smoke, call the publication and ask them how much water vapor it takes to make black smoke.!


Why did it occur:  When Communists/Socialists don’t have a crisis, they create one.  Obama wasn’t coming through the media with all the attention filling the news from the Republican debates and presidential hopefuls doings.  So, believed the Democrats, if they couldn’t be in the news, neither should the Republicans.  They latched onto blaming Wall Street for using the TARP funds to prop their banks up and not making the loans to small businesses as anticipated.  Soros’ money hired the radical ‘brick throwers’ to demonstrate against Wall Street.  Then the Useful Idiots, who don’t have anything better to do, won’t work, joined in demanding jobs as an excuse.  (There are jobs out there — read the want ads.  They studied feminism and Marxism in college and blame anyone they can for making them society’s failures).  Or what ever displeased them.  It worked for two or three days, but the demonstrations faded and the news is centered on the Republicans again.  Now they are out to wreak havoc on our country through their ‘civil disobedience’.

It was the Democrats who created the toxic housing bust, commenced by the Dodd/Frank bill, who also wrote the latest banking regulations bust, when the Democrats, with Clinton as President, decided the government should see to it that everyone had a house.  As a good reason as any to have limited government that keeps it’s nose out of forcing socialistic beliefs on the people who make America work.  Bundling worthless, unperforming mortgages to create credit instruments was the work of Wall Street’s greed — mostly who vote Democratic.  So Obama blames Bush! who tried to stop it, but was overridden by the Democrats in Congress.


A classic example is the toxic housing bust.  Politicians never admit to making bad laws.  When they prove themselves as unworkable, instead of killing the law, they add amendments to it, which don’t work either, so there are more amendments until the bust occurs.  And Obama’s administration has proved itself inept to fix the problems that the bad law created.


Their purpose is known by those who are committed to their ‘New World Order’.  By many of our elected in high office who are seduced to their beliefs of a world government.  But not by those who should know, We, the people of America.  A Charter of the U.N. sets out the 12 principles contained in Chapter 99.  TCF brings to your attention a pertinent part of that charter, “Technique of ‘Planned Conflict’ to achieve by force and violence United Nations Treaty objectives.” from ‘Review of the United Nations Charter US Senate Document #87, p. 289, 7 January 1954:  “Perpetrators and supporter of the United Nations ‘new world order’ seek to overthrow the Constitution of the United States and erect a world government administration on ruins of the Republic.”

Toby Elster


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