Is Pompeo correct about energy subsidies? – The Wichita Eagle 11/13/11

Why even ask the question?  Why even wast the ‘con’ space?  First of all, the ‘con’ writer of Spokane, Wa., a state as ‘green’ a political environment  as California, should be questions for his bias.

There isn’t a statement included in the Spokane-Review writer that hasn’t been proven as boiler-housed science, lies, or has any science base.  For instance, “fossil fuels will be depleted…” and mentions “50 or 150 years”.  Make that centuries, perhaps as possible, but decades for sure.  I count 30 gas and oil basins in the U.S. alone, waiting the environmental greens to get out of the way.  That doesn’t include off shore reserves the ‘greens’ have locked up from drilling.  (But China is after all of them all over the world including America and Canada.)  Then America’s coal reserves stretch into hundreds of years, if the environmentalists will issue permits for new mines and allow pipe lines to be laid.  Kansas alone has 50 billion BO in the ground waiting for technology to be able to reclaim it, and Chevron is pursuing it.

Alternate fuels, at best, will replace perhaps 10% of fossil fuels?  Pass the Pompeo-Labrador House Bill stopping wasteful subsidies, and all but nuclear will fade away, except for some lab experimenting.  Why haven’t the political greens abetting the wanna-be world rulers mentioned the 35,000 birds that ‘wind’ alternates kill every year; 440,000 at last count, many of them eagles!  While the EPA has mentioned, if black outs occur from stopping the use of fossil fuels, ‘we’ll have to work around them.’

Rahm Emmanuel mentioned to never let a crisis go to wast.  Did he forget to mention all the crisis they created when one doesn’t happen for them?  The EPA and the Department of Education are America’s two greatest socializing bureaucracies which must go if America is going to get back on the road to peace and prosperity.  The Pompeo-Labrador Bill is a great first step in that direction!

Toby Elster


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