The Constitution for a 4th Grader

Recently, I had a 4th grade student talk with me about an assignment in school she had on the Constitution.  I wrote her this note that I wanted to share with you.


Your mother, while expertly attending to my teeth, through our discussion of what is wrong in America, mentioned your teacher is teaching you about the Constitution.  That’s great!  There is a reason for our Constitution because there is always evil that wants to rule.  America is no exception!

Since there is always a reason and cause of why events occur, let’s step back to the reason that caused the Constitution to be.  The Founders, who wrote the Constitution, were learned men who understood human nature and laws.  They knew of the rule of men, used by kings who said their word was law.  The Founders said no, Rule of Law is the way and created the Constitution to rule America!  Understanding the evil of men, they made it hard to change the Constitution (by law) by having to go through three processes.

The three processes to make or change laws are the Congress, two Houses; the President; and the Supreme Court.  Laws are proposed in Congress, can be changed or amended by majority votes in both Houses of Congress.  The President then can approve or veto the law.  He cannot change it.  If he vetoes it, it can be overridden by Congress with a super majority vote — 2/3 majority.  If someone does not believe the law is right, they can try to change it by going to the Supreme Court.  Their decision is final.  After that, only Congress can change or kill the law, and it goes back through the same process of approval.

The Constitution can be amended by 2/3 vote of Congress and ratified by 3/4 of the States.  The President doesn’t have any voice on that.

Today the evil, being Socialists and Communists, are trying to void the Constitution, evading the Founder’s process to make laws, not through Congress, but as the kings did.  The Constitutional Foundation moves to amend the Constitution to make that a crime.  The Constitution is yours!  Keep your mind on Americanism.

Toby Elster


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