The Honorable Michele Bachmann

TCF writes, sticking it’s unknown knowledgeable nose into your campaign, for the betterment of America and your win.

In the 40 years of The Constitutional Foundation’s research of what went wrong with America, America’s destruction of the society’s culture and economy by a dastardly, anti-American enemy in our midst, gets summed up as the untold, and consequently unknown political history of America’s 20th Century of undermining America’s foundation, Her Constitution, by the high and mighty wannabe world rulers and policy dictators.  Their abettors, our elected, who serve them as traitors of treachery and treason move to finish the socialization of America, to yield Her sovereignty, economy and military might to them.

TCF”s insights of America’s problems, Her internal war, induced by the Socialist enemy in our midst; the reasons and causes of the who, why and how; it became obvious that if America is to recover Her greatness and the Founder’s principles of the road to peace and prosperity, that the enemy must be dethroned and depowered to never rise again.

To address Congresswoman Bachmann’s efforts of attaining the presidency to attaining America’s recovery, TCF has the following observations and suggestions.  Your campaign, as reported by the Conservative media, has you stalled at a mid-point of the candidates — and it has remained so.  You stated recently that the uncommitted voters will decide the final results, which appeared as your hope.  Since there is a reason and cause for events, this doesn’t just happen.  Something is needed that will attract these uncommitted’s attention — such as a 2×4 board blow to the forehead.  Sans the pain, and perfectly moral and legal, TCF may have that 2×4.

Amending the Constitution, as a simple addition to the definition of Treason, to bring the definition into the 21st Century to serve America today in her dire need is not universally believed undoable!  TCF moves to awaken the Tea Parties and Veterans by exposing what went wrong with America, and when the grassroots move, its a done deal!  There are approximately 40 million patriotic voters wanting an answer — a solution to their America’s Socialists induce deterioration.  And Presidential Candidate Bachmann can tell them that solution to energize her campaign to the top!

TCF speaks from limited experience, but it is conclusive.  In 2003, as a first step to exposing America’s enemy within, we were told by an expert it can’t be done.  They’d tried 25 years previously and got no where! Yet, in a mere four years, TCF exposed the socialization of America, from never heard or read about in America, into common knowledge.  In 2008, the Wall Street Journal was publishing articles about socialism in America.

Michele Bachmann, as the leader of the Tea Partiers, you should have been in Hutchinson, Ks when I spoke to approximately 150 members of the Tea Party.  I was there to inform them about the Keystone Pipeline, that the issue wasn’t about a pipeline, but all political by America’s anti-American ‘color blind greens’ to shut down America’s use of fossil fuels; the servants, useful idiots, of the world’s greatest Socialists for a global government.  Since I had the audience’s attention, I mentioned amending the Constitution’s definition of Treason to make all of America’s Constitution-destroyers the Traitors they are, punishable for Treason.  Have you ever witnessed a spontaneous 100%, hands go high and clap?  If you had been there, there wouldn’t be any doubt in your mind that they heard the solution they were looking for: a sure and permanent solution to America’s enemy within our midst — a must for restoring Americanism.

Join us in spreading this message!

Toby Elster



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