To the Heritage Foundation

America’s internal war is not a political debate.  We can confidently state that if America hasn’t been socialized, on purpose, with internal traitors, treachery, and treason abetting the Fabians’ movement for a global government, perhaps 80%-90% of that survey would have been redundant.

Don’t mistake TCF, this is not a criticism of the Heritage Foundation.  We support it’s efforts wholeheartedly.  It is their attention TCF is after.  TCF has an understanding of what the Heritage Foundation overlooks, is maybe not aware of, ignores, or whatever the case might be. That the greatest scourge of mankind is Socialism.  In addition to undermining the foundation of a society’s economic base, it destroys the human initiative to perform or create while the mass of those individuals become malleable to the false promises of the Socialistic leaders.  They are as worthless as a corn on a foot, and every facet of a functioning society is ‘lost on collectivists is the prime importance of individual freedom for societies to flourish and economics to thrive.’ (Mario Vegas Llosa, the Wall Street Journal, 11/8/11).  So how is America’s problems solved if Socialism in not attacked when the society is already half-so inclined?  American educated Socialists control America’s public school system; the ‘ruling class’ is under their influence; and socialism-induced corruption riddles America’s governing bodies.  The only answer and solution is the one that has failed America since the Conservatives moved against them since the mid 1900’s.  At that, their answer is only temporary by changing politicians, which can change with every election.  And history records that Socialism can rise from the dead!  There is no sure solution without the most important part that must be done.  For a permanent solution, Socialism’s power must be destroyed so they cannot gain control of government again.  There is a way and a permanent solution.

So who or what is the Constitutional Foundation?  TCF was created after 40 years of researching the why, who, and how of what went wrong with America was dug out of the ‘forbidden’ literature and the truths verified, matching known events.  The research uncovered the people’s untold and unknown political history of America’s 20th Century of the undermining of America’s Constitutional foundation by the traitors, treachery, and treason of the high and mighty of our elected, abetting the high and mighty for the New World Order.  They are responsible for America being socialized!

In 2003, TCF moved to expose the socialization of America as the first step to accomplish it’s promises.  TCF moves with the truths; digs out the reasons and causes of events — since nothing just ‘occurs’ in politics; penetrated the minds and reasons of America’s enemy in our midst; the Socialists and Communists pushing America into a global government.  In a mere four years, against expert advice that this couldn’t be done, we helped make socialization of America common knowledge, from never heard or read about with America.  In 2008, the Wall Street Journal was publishing articles about socialism in America.

There is a problem to overcome.  The myth that the Constitution cannot be amended anymore can be overcome.  Patriotic America is looking for a solution! Will the Heritage Foundation help?

Toby Elster


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