To the Imperial Valley Press

As born, raised, and educated in the Imperial Valley, my father, Jack Elster, a pioneer farmer who bought desert land in the ‘New World’, eight miles east of Calipatria, and turned the Valley into the Garden Spot of America growing vegetables, passing through brought the issue to see what things were like that were left behind many years ago.  The book, Jack Elster, should the above interest some to expound on the above, should be in the local libraries.  All five of us graduated from Calipatria Union High School when it was a classic two-story building, turning out Patriotic Americans.  The oldest of us, Judy, just celebrated her 90th birthday!

I write, perhaps as ‘my views’ of the unknown truths, since the intervening years took me through two wars, and a very satisfactory existence in what used to be the American way.  Now into paths of public endeavor of things I never dreamed could be.  That I also noticed was in the Valley in reading ‘Protesting’, writer Elizabeth Varin’s item on the ‘Occupy Movement’.  Let’s say it’s my third career following the military overlapped as an exploration geologist successfully drilling for oil and gas.  Yes, I followed the drilling for steam in the Valley.  They wanted to lease the farm.

The article, quoting Jessica Yocupicio’s failure to pursue her ambitions to enter America’s promises, misdirects her criticism of corporations for not accepting her when she should be directing that criticism at those responsible for her education.  There are lots of jobs needing to be filled, but only for those with a matching education.  Companies used to do ‘on the job training’, but that left when Congress became the ‘board of education.’  Many students don’t get any guidance and the consequences were stated by Miss Yocupicio.  If any message came out of ‘Protesting Wall Street’, it showed the failure of America’s education and the demonstrator’s indoctrination into their world view education of the U.N.’s Socialists which promises a free lunch and livelihood by the government.  So why did education in America change from the time the Elster’s graduated from Calipatria Union High School and college?

The answer move into politics and the unbelievable treachery of America’s untold, and consequently unknown political history of America’s 20th Century of an untold anti-American enemy in our midst undermining America’s foundation — Her Constitution — to change the Founder’s created society of freedoms, rights, and Rule of Law into a socialized society to join the ‘New World Order’ of a global government dictated by the United Nations.

How was this to be accomplished?  Let’s go to London where this idea and movement was started around 1885  Not the idea of socialism, an ‘ism’ of Fascism that became organized as an ideology in the 1770’s — and caused the French Revolution; but as a global government.  The Fabians, after proving Karl Marx wrong about the worker’s revolution to come, decided that a society could only be changed by education. They proved their theory in the colleges of Western Europe and their colonies, then came to America in 1899 to do the same.  They understood America well, and came undercover as Liberals.  Some of America’s wealthiest saw an advantage for them in a global government, so they funded the Fabian’s endeavor.  They moved their ‘new education’ into America’s colleges of influence to educate America’s second tier of government, the aides and influencers, into their beliefs.  It was done silently and secretly.  One of America’s great educators, John Dewey, became a disciple to promote Fabian Marxist Socialism.  In 1915, Socialism was recognized in Woodrow Wilson’s proposed legislation.  Socialists became Progressives; the media was bought, controlled and silenced, and the movement went deeper underground as minds of socialism spread into the bureaucracies of government.

Fr Socialism to work, until it collapses from an inability to fund the society and goes bankrupt, it must be highly centralized to control the people, A.K.A. subjects.  To do so it cannot allow the subjects to be educated to think, but only to produce.  So it dumbs down education for the subjects and educates them as laborers.  Their schools also indoctrinate socialism, today known as a world-view.  The Fabians moved to take over American education as one of their first musts to bring America into their dream of a world government.  Without America, it could never be.  They accomplished this major step in the 1950’s. How?

In 1932, John Dewey became President of the National Education Association.  The NEA was a very patriotic, highly regarded teacher’s education organization.  Working with the parents it could influence the school’s management.  It published a ‘Weekly Reader’ for grade school students as a teaching tool.  It was in Calipatria grade school.  I recall a change, without having the slightest idea what it meant then.  Then it started telling us ‘the government should do’ the things that we were doing for ourselves.  But the worst was secret!  They started their Socialists’ methods to get control by a penetration of the NEA HQ with ‘closet’ educatin socialists into the NEA’s seats of control and power.

In the 1950’s, the education Socialists got control of the NEA, turned it into a teacher’s union with their lies, pushed out the non-believers to kill any opposition, and began a dumbing-down of education, along with influencing a buying our elected and appointed leaders and their aides.  They also saw to the removal of non-conforming teachers, as ‘My View’ write Ann Horne wrote for mentioning God in a schoolroom.  They use any way or method to attain their ends, destroying the Constitution, since it is in their way!

In the late 1970’s, America’s anti-American educational Socialists got their Department of Education bureaucracy from President Carter for a payoff for their support in his election.  Now they had control of the classrooms curriculum and started a silent, gradual removal of any education about America and replaced it with the indoctrination of their world view.

In the 2008-2009 school year there were 48,238,962 students in K-12 public education.  How many got trapped in America’s socialized education?  We’ll never know.  But to date, America is approximately 50% so inclined.  The Jessica Yocupico statement says she was one entrapped in America’s ‘changed for the worst’ school system.  I’m not privy to what Jessica studied, but Santa Clara University is of the California system and not a place to attend blindly if it is another Berkeley or Harvard, or Yale, or university of Colorado or Texas — or a thousand or two others.

Toby Elster


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