Lisa Jackson’s Freudian Slip

Lisa Jackson’s Freudian Slip in the Wall Street Journal Opinion, Nov. 23, 11, shows more than her Freudian mentality.  Her political outlook, if it was used against Lenin or Stalin, would have gotten her a one-way trip to Siberia, if not a bullet, for encroaching on their domain.  No new permits for coal mines, like an itch where it’s hard to scratch, delivering to Obama’s policy destruction of fossil fuels for energy for America’s industries and households.  So, Freudian slipping Jackson, declared CO2 a pollutant, and electric bills go up as the Socialist government tries to manage unmanageable green house gases.

When technology made shale gas and oil economically producible by controlling fracing in horizontal legs of the wells, thereby increasing American energy reserves to oust imports, fracing wells comes under attack.  Fracing oil and gas wells has been going on for over 50 years and over one million have been graced, without any complaints or surface waters being polluted from the process.  Now the Jackson’s EPA is investigating all kinds of imagined pollution, to shut down the production of gas, a fossil fuels, which is cheaper than it has been in several years — supplies now in centuries!

The hypocriticalness of these American educated Communists serving the one-worlders makes a Freudian slip a non-event.  Jackson and her predecessor, ‘what they are up to’, is well known in the industry.  But our writers are just too politically correct to call a spade a shovel, a liberal a Socialist, at best!

Toby Elster


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