The American Free Press – ‘Experts Say “Fracking” Poisons Drinking Water for Millions’ is a LIE!

I’ve always given AFP credit for basing their articles on the truth! But, ‘Experts Say ‘Fracking’ Poisons Drinking Water for Millions’, American Free Press Nov. 28, 2011, by Frank Whalen, doesn’t have one truth in it except the industry is under attack for political reasons, not a service for AFP’s readers or anyone else.  I do not know anything about Mr. Whalen, but there is not truths in it as far as fracking goes.  He states a lot about the political environmentalists, the one worlder’s useful idiots.  If the author is not a shill for them, he certainly has been misled.

I’ve spent a career in the oil fields, witnessed by first frack job in the 1960’s.  Over one million wells have been fracked since then and not one has ever been proven to harm a cup of water.  The few law suits about ‘poisoned drinking water’ have all been disproven and lost as caused by fracking.  That contaminated water was caused by leaking old drilled wells — some drilled up to 100 years ago — and abandoned.  Fracking increases oil and gas production, keeps wells producing longer, increasing supplies and moderating costs of energy.

The picture of ‘A toxic slurry pond..that catches contaminated water from ‘fracking’ is bologna.  That is not water or toxic.  It is drilling fluid that is pumped down the drill pipe while drilling to keep the hole clean of cuttings and lubricates the bit.  Ever so often ‘mud’ is jetted into the reserve pits when the cuttings destroy the carrying capacity of the mud, so new mud can be added.  The pits are filled when drilling is finished and crops grow over them, undamaged and unnoticed.  Or the ‘mud’ is hauled off to a disposal well.

As industry headline reads, ‘Halliburton Helps Clients With Total Water Solutions’ (The American Oil & Gas Reporter, Nov. 20, 2011 p. 209) and continues stating it will serve handling all aspects of the water management process, including storage, recycling, disposal and permanent waste water treatment facilities…for reuse or disposal wherever it is needed. That is nothing new for the oil fields.  It is just a consolidation of what goes on daily.

The EPA created a ‘frack attack’ to kill fossil fuel use, serving the Communist Cabal’s White House dictates.  They tried it with CO2, calling it a pollutant, without much success.  The EPA and the Department of Education are America’s two greatest socializing bureaucracies. Both must go!!!


Toby Elster


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