To Ron Paul

The summary of your packet was summarized, and we approve.  Should you be the fortunate one to be nominated to stomp America’s cabal of Communists in the administration into dust, our support will add to the weight for a very successful trouncing.

Of your summary, we notice ‘Ban Union Projects’.  That is not sufficient.  The hierarchy of the trade unions are concerned about America’s economic and general welfare to the detriment of America’s recovery.  Their only consideration is their own greed and political power at the country’s expense.  They must go.  Repealing the Wagner Act is in order and unions can join the rest of America’s organizations as voluntary membership.  The consequences will be, probably company unions, for a betterment of production, union — company relations and unnecessary out-sourcing, which the hierarchy is responsible for as much as anyone.

The EPA should go with the energy department.  It is America’s greatest socializing bureaucracy along with the Department of Education.  The Oil & Gas Production industry has always been a good stalwart of good environmental practices.  Besides, every state has a commission that overlooks the industry’s practices.  The EPA was created to serve the one-worlders demean, discredit, corrupt and undermine common sense by immoral and unethical means to attain their socialistic beliefs of a global government.  Their lies, unfounded science, and boiler-housed renditions of climate has done more damage to the industries of the world.  If the money that has been wasted because of these political environmentalists was used to feed the world’s poor, there wouldn’t be any hungry people.

As for America’s anti-Americans in our midst, The Constitutional Foundation moves to amend the definition of Treason in the Constitution to make these Traitors who destroy the Constitution the traitors they are, punishable for Treason.  Thank you for your time!

Toby Elster


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