To The American Oil & Gas Reporter

Mike Cantrell’s letter was a needed part in pointing out that the oil industry is under attack.  But he missed the utter hypocracy of corruption of the administration.  (The book has just been published, ‘Democracy Denied’ by Phil Kerpen, that points out Obama’s cabal dictate laws the same as Lenin and Stalin did.)  The administration’s fossil fuels fight for extinction is alive and well.  Cantrell mentioned the Wildlife enforcers finding 28 birds in reserve pits in North Dakota over a 45 day period.  The operators face fines of $15,000 per bird!

At last published annual count, 34,000 birds were killed b y the blades of unnecessary and unreliable wind turbines, many of the birds were eagles.  Total count then was 440,000 birds, not counting those which get picked up by the wind farm employees, on their rounds, before the Wildlife hunters find them!

Toby Elster


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