How Events Become What They Are — Islamaphobia

Islamaphobia, the political correct term of the Islamists, The Brotherhood, to shut you up.  No telling the truth of Islamic’s belief for world domination; attained through terror, the undermining of Western Civilization for a world ruler under Mohammedism, the Brotherhood’s efforts are to make Islamaphobia a hate crime.  They spread their message through ‘The Islamaphobia Campaign on American Campuses’ while the Islamic jihadists is a National Security issue, festering to become a crisis that American law won’t address.

Islam is considered a religion, like others, except it is politically dominated.  Those who don’t submit to their muslim god, are infidels, and don’t deserve to live. So what are the roots?

Lets step back to the days of Mohammed, when he went to the cave to create a society like Christianity: A god, Allah; a prophet (as Moses) — himself, and he started preaching what ‘Allah’ instructed him.  And that is where any similarity to today’s recognized religions ends.  When Mohammed died, a split between his followers occurred.  Ali, Mohammed’s close friend and follower was willed Mohammed’s charge; but Mohammed’s favorite wife, Ayeahah, claimed the right.  A civil war and assassinations followed and the society was split, between the Shiahs of Ali, and the Sunnis, the followers of Ayeahah, which exists to this day.

The Brotherhood was began actually in the mid 1800’s by an Egyptian Imam who began preaching fundamental Mohammedism of ‘death to the infidels’.  The preaching spread through the mosques.  In 1928, fundamental Mohammedism became a political movement known as The Brotherhood.  For the religion of Mohammed, it is set out in a booklet originally published in 1912, ‘The Life and Religion of Mohammed the Prophet of Arabia’ by Re. J.L. Menzes.

Why does the Brotherhood want people silenced?  Because the religion of Mohammed is not acceptable to the Western World.  That truth must not be spoken.  Of one who followed the policy of Mohammed in the 20th Century was no other than Hitler!

Toby Elster


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