To The New American 12/1/11

‘The Reality of Labor Unionism in America’, Brian Farmer’s essay (The New American, Nov. 21, 2011) an excellent philosophical statement of unionism in America, shouldn’t condemn all of unionism.  Samuel Gompers, considered the father of American unions stated, in unions early days, the following:

‘Doing for people what they can and ought to do for themselves is a dangerous experiment.  In the last analysis the welfare of the worker depends upon their own initiative.  Whatever is done under the guise of philantropy or social morality which in any way lessens initiative is the greatest crime that can be committed against the toilers.  Let social busybodies and professional ‘public moral experts’ in their fads reflect upon the perils they rashly invite under this pretense of social welfare.’

Gompers fought socialism throughout his career.  Unfortunately, organized trade unions didn’t follow his advice.  The unions are responsible for California’s dismal economic sickness; as is New York, and other states and cities.

Labor contended that they were entitled to ‘labor’s part of production’, or income, about one-third of the selling price of what they produced.  They attained that during WWII or shortly thereafter.  Instead of being satisfied, they took the road to decline and disaster, demanding more.  That came out of the Wagner Act of 1935, which gave the hierarchy a monopoly over the workers: join, pay dues, or no jobs.  They amassed so much money that actually bought the governments.  From local, state, judges, commissions, congressmen and presidents.  That shifted political power from the people to special interests.  That is where the money is and politicians smell money!

The Wagner Act has long ago out-used it’s usefulness and now takes America down the road California is on. The Act should be nullified.  There is no agrument that the unions should have a monopoly over labor.  They should be voluntary organizations as are all other organizations.  The consequences would be company unions, which would be beneficial for all concerned — except those of organized crime who control numerous unions, especially those of government workers.

Toby Elster


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