Events to Think About

I’m listening to Boortz and Limbaugh in my car.  They are finally spouting what the Constitutional Foundation mailed them when Obama came on the campaign trail for President.  Obama hadn’t said three words about ‘change’ and we knew what he meant and who he was, and what he was going to try and to do America.  TCF didn’t ideally call him a Communist.  that was recognizable in his talk.  His arrogance ignoring laws makes him dangerous.

A number of talk show hosts were so informed that Obama was an anti-American serving the Socialist one-worlders.  That his mission was to destroy America’s economic and military power to slip America into the United Nation’s global government is obvious.  Those talk show hosts don’t believe they can be so blunt and frank.  They mouth what is current news of the day with their opinions.  But today, one of them spoke what TCF has been trying to tell the vets.  While we were overseas fighting, and many dying, to save independence and freedoms, America had a well hidden and protected enemy in Her midst, undermining the very same independence and freedoms we were fighting for  Today, they are very far along in destroying America’s foundation, the Constitution.  They govern the USA, dictate our laws with executive orders, circumventing Congress, as effectively as did Lenin and Stalin ruling the USSR.  Obama’s speech in Kansas, following exactly what Theodore Roosevelt said, decades ago, which also did Franklin Roosevelt, called a ‘Tutorial for Obama’, confirms what TCF says about Socialism: “There is nothing new that Socialism has to offer anyone.”  History is repeating itself again.

Why we can’t — won’t prosecute this enemy destroying the independence and freedoms of Americans, TCF stated in a recent paper, “Why Can’t the Laws Prosecute America’s Enemy Within” — our traitors destroying America’s foundation. But the laws can be fixed so they will!

These anti-AMerican traitorous enemies control our public schools, indoctrinating K-12 students.  Already there is a recognizable shift in America’s culture to decidedly socialistic.  “Education’s Armageddon” by Beverly K. Eakman (The New American, Nov. 7, 2011) sets out the unrecognized psychological control of student’s minds by the socialists education psychologists influence over education through the NEA, the teacher’s union — but don’t blame the teachers!!!  ‘The ramifications of bad child-rearing advice and poor schooling, both at the hands of education psychologists…”  Where does one believe the Wall Street Occupiers sprouted from?  These events don’t just happen.  There is always a well performed reason and cause involved.  Their beliefs that the government owes them at least a middle class, easy living came out of their education in America’s public schools.  THAT MUST STOP!!! Patriotic teachers must retake their NEA, and the Department of Education must go!

Who, how, makes the Constitution skid down the hill into serving the enemy, America’s anti-American traitors?  Are we patriots of the insane who allow the enemy to use the Constitution to destroy the Constitution?  That is what is happening!  One can read or hear of the ACLU, which came to be in 1921 to serve the Fabian Socialists to socialize America, twisting, turning and bending the Constitution’s meaning of religion and rights.  They use the courts, with their friendly judges and juries who are putty in their hands, but why the friendly judges?  ‘Imprimis’ Oct. 2011, Hillsdale College’s distribution of their speaker’s talks, Michael Mukasey, to their Constitutional Studies on ‘Executive power in wartime’ has the answers.

‘The Bill of Rights.  This part of the Constitution provides robust protection to both public and private activity that we value, which is essential for the continuation of our civic life.  But it does not require that we close our eyes when there are people plainly setting the stage for activity that is in no way protected.”  He continues to point out that our rights for free speech calls for protected speech, but it is taken as a call for unprotected action.  Unreasonable searches and seizures don’t necessarily call for warrants for intelligence purposes only that it be reasonable.  “The message lurking in the ;structure’ of the Constitution is that those acting lawfully under it deserve at least the benefit of the doubt when they act to protect the common good.”  That does not apply to America’s enemy in our midst, yet no effort is made to prosecute them anymore.  So why don’t judges rule as the Constitution allows?  Because that was taken out of teachings in the law schools long before K-12 education was taken over by education socialists.

The military is well aware that if one does not destroy the enemy, the enemy will destroy them.  There can be no doubt this is happening to America.  Furthermore, one cannot win a war with an enemy in one’s midst.  Today, America is in an internal war, (it is not a political debate!) and the enemy infests every facet of American society.  They must go if the Americanism of the Founder’s principles is to be restored.  Enacting the suggested amendment to the definition of Treason, will accomplish both, destroying the enemy and getting them out of America’s midst.

Only you can save America!  The time to move is RIGHT NOW!

Toby Elster


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