‘Ohio Rising’ by Ned Ryun in the American Spectator Nov. 2011

The Ohio Liberty Council, as an umbrella organization over others, so The Constitutional Foundation address OLC as the disseminator of it’s message to those it represents to spread the message far, wide, often, and loud.  That message has already gone out to numerous Tea Parties and Veteran organizations.  TCF does so as an accomplished mover of America back to it’s Founder’s roots.  It’s objective is stated in it’s Letterhead: “The Exposing” it has accomplished in a mere four years after being told it could not be done.  The ‘Restoring’ is much more difficult, requires the cooperation of Patriotic Americans, and a plan that will not only succeed, but do so permanently.  It can be accomplished by awakening those Patriotic Americans to what went wrong with their America, and why, by exposing America’s enemy within her midst.  America is in an internal war, not a political debate, to determine which way American goes; the way of European socialism of the Fabian Marxist, or back to Her Founder’s principles.  TCF puts forth PLAN B, the path back to the Founder’s principles, America’s foundation — and to be free of any threat of any of the ‘isms’ of Fascism, especially Socialism and Communism (Of which Socialism is but the first step to the latter, and America today experiences Socialism in Her society and COmmunism in Her government.

The Constitutional Foundation is well aware that the beliefs of Patriotic Americans can be saved by electing pro-American presidents and Congressmen and women.  That is, they are first Republicans of a non-RINO backbone, non-compromisers where the Socialist Democrats get what they want while the Republicans wonder ‘what in the world happened?’.  Hopefully the Tea Parties are successful in getting a Patriotic President that America needs, and, if not a veto proof Congress, at least a practically one — PLAN A.  That would make restoring Americanism much easier — but for how long?  Everything is subject to change every election!

With America’s enemy within her midst having control of American education since the 1950’s, for three generations to date, exposing 45 million K-12 students annually to their indoctrination of socialistic beliefs; ‘let the government do what we used to do for ourselves’ it is surprising that Patriotic Americans still have a voice in their welfare.  Even if the Tea Parties are successful with Plan A, as stated, that is subject to change at every election.  Without going into human nature as they endanger their own freedoms, their fickleness, (which Socialists understand and use to their benefit to accomplish their lies), they also enforce their fickleness by not informing them of what they should know.  For instance, the traitors in our midst have censored from America’s socialized media the ‘untold and unknown political history of American’s 20th Century of Traitors, Treachery, and treason by America’s high and mighty for a one-world government, the New World Order, who are responsible for the undermining of America’s Constitutional Foundation.  Understanding the fickleness of American society and one gets a good understanding of why every election is precarious at best.  Plan A is what the COnservatives have been trying for 60 years to stop the deterioration of America.  I doubt if many knew what they were up against.  Do the Tea Parties know?  No, they don’t, and that had better change!, for America’s sake!

The Constitutional Foundation proposes a much surer and permanent way to protect the Constitution and the people’s freedoms, rights, etc. from any foreign ideology penetrating America’s ‘open door’ society as happened during the past 112 years.  Work with us to support this effort!

Toby Elster


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