The Socialization of America in a Nut Shell

In a nut shell is the summary of the ‘Untold and Unknown political history of America’s 20th Century of the undermining of America’s foundation, Her Constitution, by Traitors, Treachery, and Treason of the High and Mighty of wannabe world rulers, abetting the United Nation’s socialization of the world for a global government.

In 1970, I discovered what I’d learned in military intelligence school, was actually happening.  That America has an active enemy in our midst creating the untold and unknown political history of America mentioned above.  Ever since I’ve been researching, gathering up the bits and pieces from the literature, putting that history into it’s chain of events, and exposing the who, how, and why they are so successful — with considerable success.

Following is a two-bit review: Up to 1960, America was running on all four tires, creating prosperity and peace with the Founder’s principles in force and respected.  Unknown, a tire was leaking air.  The nail came from the Hagel Progressives, commencing around 1850.  They were professors teaching Hagel’s Socialism in the Ivy League Universities.  The tire blew out when the Fabians, Marxist-Socialists, proved in Europe that societies could be changed through education, came to America in 1899 to create their global government of Socialism to cure the world’s poverty.  The Progressives had built a foundation for them, they bought their ‘white paper’ of Socialism to be taught in the Ivy League Colleges of influence, got funding from John D. Rockefeller, the leader of the High and Mighty, and educated the second tier of government, the aides and those of influence, into Marxist-Socialism.  They stayed hidden and protected and spread their poison into America’s education system.  Woodrow Wilson was their first ‘fellow traveler’.  The High and Mighty had control of America’s media and silenced it when Socialism was recognized in Wilson’s administration.

Franklin Roosevelt and the Fabian’s New Deal was the second tie to blow out.  FDR was a full blossomed Fabian Socialist.  The worst thing he did was set the foundation for the shift of power from We, the people, to special interests.  He also got the global wannabe world rulers their world headquarters, the United Nations under false pretense.  In essence, FDR took Socialism in America from the government and put it into the society too.

FDR was followed by a string of go-along ‘fellow traveler’ presidents: Truman, LBJ, Carter, Clinton, George H.W. Bush; all stood out and led the way to Obama’s cabal of Communists in the Administration dictating laws with his Democratic ‘useful idiots’.  And three generations of indoctrinated minds.

In the 1960’s, America’s anti-American Socialists, outed themselves from their underground, created the Environmental movement to replace wars to distract the people from their activities, moved into the courts to get the legislation they couldn’t get from Congress, all with false, typical Socialists’ methods, and America began to wake up that the Founders’ principles on the road to peace and prosperity was running on two blown out tires of individualism and patriotism.  And still wonder, ‘what the world happened?!? to America???

It is not believable that America has such an enemy in Her midst who are responsible for what happened.  But, in the past two decades, a Conservative media has come to be, conservative authors, who couldn’t get published, are being published now, and the untold and unknown political history of America’s 20th Century is getting out.  And what the Constitutional Foundation has been broadcasting for over eight years is coming out in print.  One of the latest books, covering the above, in 350 pages, is “Red Army: The Radical Network That Must Be Defeated to Save America”, by Aaron Klein and Brenda Elliot.  I quote, from a review, “This book identifies mostly ‘respectable’ revolutionaries in suits and ties and expensive dresses and gowns.  They are found wielding immense influence in our classrooms, media, Congress, the White House, government bureaucracies, foundations, the environmental movement, the ‘peace’ movement, immigrants rights groups, the ‘economic democracy’ movement and even those corporate boardrooms where the capitalist system can be undermined effectively.”  The author speaks of the High and Mighty.  Americans had better start believing it, and move to stop it.  There is a way — a way and a permanent way that should be a must, even if the ‘way’ is successful.  These evils of Fascism have a way of arising from the dead.  That must be guarded against too so it doesn’t happen again to America.

Societies that fall into the internal warms of the ‘isms’ of Fascism of Red undermining, as America is in, because they ignore what wars prove.  If one does not destroy the enemy, the enemy will destroy you.  That this is happening to America should be obvious!  That is Obama’s agenda for America!

Furthermore, a war cannot be won with an enemy in one’s midst.  America’s Founder’s principles cannot be restored if the enemy is allowed in our midst.  Any solution to SAVE AMERICA must address both of these ‘Reds’ undermining of America’s foundation — Her Constitution.  ‘Reds’ believe in compromise and stubbornly, by tricks and lies usually succeed — and get more later.

For 60 years Conservatives efforts to stop the socialization of America, by getting a Conservative Congress, ended up putting Communists in the White House.  The Tea Parties follow in those footsteps of elections of a Conservative Administration and Congress, but with a big difference of a much larger group and louder voice.  Hopefully they take over the Republican Party and are successful.  But for how long?  An election or two, then will things change?  Things are subject to change at every election.  The evil of the ‘isms’ of Fascism, since they became a political movement, has never said quit, and they have ‘died’ numerous times.  They arise from the dead and try again.  America can be guarded against them ever trying again here.  TCF puts forth a suggested amendment to the definition of Treason in the Constitution that makes any Constitution-destroyers traitors, punishable for treason.  That addition to the Constitution will destroy the enemy in our midst, remove them from the society, and be a permanent solution for future generations to guard the Constitution and their freedoms and rights!

Toby Elster


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