Attention All Patriotic Americans!!!

Every Patriotic American and especially all Veterans should be furious.  All that The Constitutional Foundation has been telling you about America having an enemy in our midst, undermining America’s foundation — Her Constitution — has been confirmed and in print.  Get the book “Red Army” by Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliott and you will find out who it is and their organizations behind Obama’s and the Socialist Causes that are moving America into Socialism, destroying Her economy and military to take over the Democrat Party and America.  You only have to read the Introduction of the book to get boiling mad.  Following are some quotes from the Introduction and back dustjacket:

‘When Obama spoke of the ‘fundamental transformation of the United States of America,’ few realized he was also speaking for many others; “Behind the avatar of ‘hope and change’ lies a left-wing ‘progressive’ movement waiting to come to power.’

“Along the way, the progressives hijacked the entire spectrum of important social causes, from feminism and race relations through environmental and antiwar activism,…an agenda having very little to do with actual causes at hand and everything to do with the underlying agenda of the radical reconstruction of our society.”

“The Red Army has taken over not merely the largest worker unions, but also the mainstream of the Democratic Party.  It has deeply penetrated the United States Congress, forming one of the most powerful caucuses on Capitol Hill.  Key legislation, including Obama’s health care and stimulus bills, was crafted by the network’s various branches — operating both inside and outside the government.  The same network is now pushing other major measures, including defense, economic and immigration policies.”

“The radical network’s aim of disarming America as a superpower by emboldening our enemies, spurning our allies, and systematically dismantling our military.  Also expose the extremist ties and globalist connections of key figures in the defense establishment, including Secretary of Defense Panetta.”

“How a national ‘green campaign’ is being used to hijack the legitimate environmental movement in an attempt to redistribute our country’s wealth and assult the U.S. capitalist system.”

“Now elements of the news media not only collude with these extremist groups but in some cases are actual members of the very organizations they ought to be investigating.” And More and More and More!


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