Per Wichita Eagle ‘ Pompeo: Boeing says it’ll move it’s tanker work out of Wichita’ 12/20/11

Let’s get real!  Boeing settled it’s difference with the unions, the National Labor Relations Board, and will stay in South Carolina.  Was moving the tanker work to Seattle from Wichita part of the deal to pacify the Seattle union?  Probably!

But why is Boeing thinking about leaving Wichita and moving to Texas?  That goes back 30 years when Carlin was governor.  His socialism of spending more than there was and growing government exponentially, the legislature kept the budget in line with inflation.  According to State Rep. Steve Brunk, “Kansas has a spending problem”; the 1978 Budget was $1,847,4570,000, 67% higher than inflation.  No following administration did anything to remedy the situation to get the state financially sound.  In 2008, the state budget was $13,159,674,000, 519% higher than inflation!  Where did the excess funds come from?  That’s right — higher taxes!

Texas is a friendly business state. Kansas has not been since the 1970s.  Boeing is not the only company that will have left Kansas.  But what about the companies that didn’t come?  When companies were bailing out of California, none came to Kansas — even if Kansas is a right to work state, for the same reason.  Kansas is not a friendly business state.  That happens every time legislators and governors believe they are smarter than business people.

Is that Governor Brownback’s problem, trying to make Kansas a friendly business state.  That figures too.  A taste of socialism and humans get a self-destructive insanity!

Toby Elster


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