To Judicial Watch per Immigration Surveys

Judicial Watch keeps sending me Immigration Surveys, so I respond with my consistence answer.  It is not that the survey is out of line, it just doesn’t address a far more complicated problem that requires a, beginning to, deeper look into the problem.

Where am I coming from?  I was born and raised on the Mexican border.  I recall the Mexicans coming from, and going on, harvesting my father’s fields.  These people are no different than any other immigrants, wanting the freedoms and rewards from what they earn.  What has changed in Imperial Valley of California in the fifty years I recall?  When I left all the land ownership maps only had European names as did the governing boards.  Today Spanish/Mexican names dot those maps as do the governing bodies.  Nearly all of them came as immigrants.  Today many of those European named off-springs have the names of them as well. So what went wrong?

The Democrats, of course.  They are the greatest for fouling things up to get more power.  LBJ opened the borders to them, to get more Democrat votes, there by giving them a de facto visa to come.  These didn’t only come, they didn’t go back either like their used to.  That was over 30 years ago, so those illegals have settled in  — with families and intermarriage.  So that problem has to be solved in a human manner.  The undesirables or anti-American ones should be given the door out.  The others have to become citizens eventually.  And they do make good citizens.  But there is a danger, considering America’s political internal war of Patriotic Americans against America’s socialist educated who are changing America’ cultural-being towards European’s failing societies.

I recall, probably in the 50’s, the educators were saying that Socialism/Communism should be taught in the schools so it could be recognizable.  It should have been investigated who was saying it — which turned out to be those who now indoctrinate it.  So, since becoming citizens, these socialist-educators have removed even the history of Americanism from the citizens’ exams.  That must be changed. To get citizenship in America they must know America’s history to be patriotic American citizens.  Otherwise we’ll have a growing number of radical La Raza’s wanting to take over the American Southwest.  They are already claiming it!  Those radicals must go!

Now, put together a humanist immigration program for America’s illegals.  Close the borders tight, and let them go to school to learn English and make a living.  But the schools have to be taken away from the educating socialists and returned to teaching patriotism.  That is what the Constitutional Foundation works at and puts forward the solution to America’s foreign ideological enemy in our midst!

Toby Elster


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