To Understand What America’s Enemy Within Our Midst Is Up To

The Keystone Pipeline is not about a pipeline.  It is one of the biggest lies the political environmentalists have hung their reputation on lately.  A few steps back for the reasons and causes for it.

The world’s greatest Socialists, the wannabes for world rule, are desperate.  America’s resistance to their beliefs gives them the bad news — America is not going to join.  Their High and Mighty leaders got Obama elected to accomplish the fact.  He uses America’s dependence on fossil fuels, over 90% of America’s energy supply, to be replaced with alternate fuels.  They are inefficient, very expensive, even with government subsidies, and will never replace even a small amount of fossil fuel — without blacking out America.  Which the director of the EPA has already admitted — and said, so it will have to be!!!  Obama wants to drive gasoline prices to $7.00 a gallon to make them comparable to alternate fuels.

The Keystone Pipeline would bring crude oil from the Canadian Alberta tar sands of approximately 200 billion barrels recoverable oil, currently out of over one trillion barrels of oil in place.  Canada has no use for that much oil and America is the market for it.  American refineries need crude oil and the Keystone Pipeline will deliver it all the way to the Houston, Texas refineries.

The arguments against the pipeline are asinine.  It will damage the Ogallala fresh water reservior which underlies the western part of Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.  The Ogallala water is over 300 feet deep.  Damaging the sand hills of western Nebraska was another argument.  There are oil fields in south western Nebraska and probably over 10,000 miles of pipelines already there!

The environmentalist care nothing about the pipelines.  Their objective is to shut down the use of fossil fuels to dampen America’s economy and destroy Her economic and military power.  I’ve labeled these Socialists as color blind greens.  Another has called them Greens like watermelon.  Obama is a Communist — oh yes he is — sponsored by the High and Mighty of a global government and that is who he serves.  They do not want America using fossil fuels and forget about the people!


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