To Cato Institute

“It takes tremendous moral courage to resist the overwhelming tide of received opinion and so-called expert wisdom and to say and do the exactly opposite.”  “What is more, he proceeded during his two terms as president to prove his critics wrong…”  From Andrew Roberts’ speech at the dedication of a status of Ronald Reagen at Hillsdale College.
For it was precisely in the 1930’s that massive Communist penetration of the U.S. government occurred, to be increased in exponential fashion in the pro-Soviet daze of World War II.  At this period, literally hundreds of Soviet agents, Communist Party members and fellow travelers showed up on the federal payrolls and used their official positions to advance the cause of Moscow, policy sabotage, spying and pro-Communist propaganda.”

“It was tracking and countering this treasonous penetration that Hoover and the FBI rendered their most invaluable service, the more so numerous members of the Roosevelt and Truman Administrations, at the White House, Treasury, State Department and other venues variously aided the penetration, covered up the facts about it, then set out to destroy those who tried to warn the nation of the danger.  In the course of which cover-up, numerous perjuries, grand jury fixes and other felonious actions were committed by high-ranking U.S. officials.”

Taken from M. Stanton Evan’s Humans Events trashi9ng of Clint Eastwood’s directed film. ‘J Edgar’ (December 5, 2011) of dishonesty and falsehoods about “How J Edgar Hoover Saved the Nation” from it’s invasion and penetration of America’s enemy within our midst.  They are still present and just as traitorous.

The above one would assume that Cato is aware of it.  To find solutions to these deep-entrenched problems in American society, one must know the reason and cause for them.  They are the cause of America’s political internal war to determine which way America goes — back to Her principles of the Founders or the European way of the Marxist-Socialists as educated into the western world, including America, by the Fabians.

The other part of defining and remedying America’s problems, which are begging for a solution, is to understand those who create or put forth the problems; the enemy who destroys the Constitution, America’s foundation.  Those of the Constitutional Foundation spent 40 years determining what America’s problem was, and who, why, and how it was accomplished.  Why no solution has been effective against America’s internal enemy who are the problem.  These ineffective efforts which have allowed a Communist and his cabal of like-minds to dictate America’s future as they ignore the Rule of Law and destroy America’s foundation, Her Constitution.  The research of uncovering what went wrong with America, and why, has also led to a solution.

What M. Stanton Evans stated in his article, TCF’s research also led to the same traitorous, felonious actions by those TCF relates to as the High and Mighty abetting the United Nations move to a global government for America to be a part of — at the expense of Her sovereignty.  TCF summarizes those events as the “Untold and Unknown political history of America’s 20th Century of the undermining of Her foundation, and destroying the Constitution by the 3 T’s of a society’s destruction: Traitors, Treachery, and Treason in the society worming their way unknown and untold in the underground.

The military is well aware that if the enemy is not destroyed, the enemy will destroy you.  That is happening to America and it is obvious.  But who follows that in any manner that will destroy the enemy?  There is nothing in the Constitution that Americans must serve the nation with the insanity of allowing the enemy in our midst to use the Constitution to destroy the Constitution.  But we are!  The military is well aware of the fact a war cannot be won when an enemy is in one’s midst.  America is in a political internal war, the enemy rules and holds the high ground, and what is put forth to unseat them and destroy their power is the same thing that Conservatives have been trying for 60 years.  That is not a solution that will destroy, and forever an enemy who has been known to arise from the dead more than once.

The solution America needs for it’s foreign ideology mentally of her enemy’s induced problem requires that the Constitution has the means to protect itself; and the people the means to protect their freedoms, rights, etc.  To guard it, as the Founders warned us to do, has been proved to be not enough.  Amending the definition of Treason in the Constitution so that any whose efforts or aims is to destroy the Constitution, can be made the Traitors they are, prosecutable for Treason.

Americanism, that which the Founders created, is the road to peace and prosperity.

Toby Elster


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