America’s First Freedom (Mail Call)

Executive Vice President’s letter, ‘Obama Steals Power’ (America’s 1st Freedom, January 2012) confirms what The Constitutional Foundation has been saying since Obama came onto the national political scene.  TCF does not believe in political correctness, the Socialists method for their covering up — Obama is a Communist.  He has jettisoned ‘representative Democracy instead begin to build a new set of rules and institutions…”, no different than Lenin and Stalin ruled the USSR.  The only thing he hasn’t done, they did was get rid of the opposition with a bullet.  Not only that, his background prepared him to do just as he does.  So who holds the reigns that guides him.  I suggested reading the ‘Red Army’ by Aaron Klein to understand America’s anti-American cadre.  The Progressives are Socialists.

Executive Vice President’s Wayne LaPierre addressed what Obama is doing to destroy the Second Amendment.  He may just as well have been writing about America’s energy industry, economic might, military, and anything else that stands in the way of his socializing America.  Since he has at least another year to serve, the pressure for him to accomplish will become greater.  As Wayne LaPierre stated about ‘automatic policies’ and ‘commissions’ instead of the Rule of Law.  The Constitution gets trampled on but Obama kicks it into the garbage can.

The Obama and his cabal of Communists is a national problem, not just a Second Amendment problem.  As ex-military there is only one solution.  They must be destroyed and rendered powerless.  That is why the Constitutional Foundation puts forth an amendment to the Constitution’s definition of Treason, to make these anti-Americans who destroy the Constitution, the Traitors they are, punishable for Treason.  It gives the Constitution a means to protect itself.  The NRA should join in and write about it, for America’s and the Second Amendment’s sake.

Toby Elster


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