To World War II Veterans Committee

Thank you for honoring us WWII vets.  But if I’d made a statement in your letter, it would have startled all.  We fought WWII to save America’s independence and freedoms, but that mission is not completed!!!  What about that enemy’s ideology governing America today, dominant in many facets of America’s society.  A fifth column in our midst just as effectively destroying what we fought in WWII to save — the Constitution, America’s foundation.  America’s educated Socialists, the ones of today who rule America no different than Lenin and Stalin ruled the USSR.  They are more dangerous, a threat to America’s independence and freedoms then was Hitler and his allies.  They were already hard at work undermining the Founder’s creation when Hitler rose to power.  Since then they have gained power, arrogance and smell victory.

The answer to the solution to win America’s internal war to preserve the Founders’ Constitution it is necessary to reveal the untold and unknown political history of America’s 20th Century of traitors. treachery, and treason — the undermining of America’s foundation by the high and mighty of world Socialism’s wannabe world rulers for a global government.  That requires America to yield her world power and sovereignty.  And it should make all veterans as mad as I am, because with that goes all America has fought WWII and all thereafter for.

Most of three dozen veteran organizations have so been informed, but their ‘ruling class’ are asleep on guard duty in their over-stuff chairs.  They reflect the cowardice of those afraid of those who they must rely on, similar to the insanity of Socialism because they do not relay the message to their members — the troops who can change things and win America’s internal war against the anti-American Socialists, Communists, their fellow travelers and indoctrinated useful idiots.  That is America’s crowd who move to change American culture, destroying patriotism and the human ingenuity of America’s fighting forces which wins Her wars.

One of the Veterans are awakened, the grassroots rallied, the solution being enacted, and the internal war being won, America will be back on the way to peace and prosperity.  And the vets will have won a complete victory that will have sent the enemy to changing many minds, a few will flee, and others locked up uncapable of anything but wondering what happened to them.  Patriotic Americans will have won a complete victory that will last for generations upon generations.

Toby ElserToby


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