To the Committee for Justice

The Constitutional Foundation agrees with the Committee for Justice’s project and hope it is successful.  But in our forty years of researching ‘what has gone wrong with America’ or why America has come to the place of having to be saved, we do not believe the Committee’s project will accomplish much more than perhaps buying time for a more effective program to be put in place.  The research made it vividly clear that working ‘in the box’ will not accomplish much.  The Conservatives tried that for over 60 years and what did it get America?  An Administration of anti-American Communists destroying America’s economic and military power, kicking the Constitution into the garbage can, and disregarding the Rule of Law for their rule by man.  AKA Marxism or Statism!

Is TCF on the rick track to save America discarding ‘the box’ for their way outside of it?  In four years, against expert advice that it couldn’t be done, TCF exposed the socialization of America from Socialism never being heard or read about with America to common usage.  In 2008, the Wall Street Journal was publishing articles of Socialism in America.  Obama has saved us the problem of explaining what Socialism is, so TCF moved to the solution to the rest of what is necessary to save America.  But TCF can take one from the beginning of organized ‘isms’ of Fascism into political movements to exactly how America got it, answering the whos; whys; and hows’ it was done. Nor do we use their political correct manner that hides them.  How much damage have they done?  TCF assumes the Committee for Justice knows they have changed the culture of Americanism, moving it into being obsolete.  There is a lot to be undone, and much of it will be major undertakings.  This anti-American enemy in our midst has been at work for a century and a half now.

A solution to America’s foreign ideology problem needs a program that will:

1. Destroy America’s anti-American enemy in our midst and render them powerless.

2. It must be a permanent solution as the enemy has arisen ‘from the dead’ numerous times.  They do not go away and will be back sooner or later if the solution is not permanent.

3. The Constitution needs the means to protect itself from being destroyed, as it has by America’s enemy in our midst.  It is a form of self-destructive insanity to allow an enemy to use the Constitution to destroy the Constitution — which is what is happening.

4.  The people need the means to protect, beside guarding, their freedoms, rights, private property and Rule of Law.

The Constitutional Foundation sums up the research of why the attack on Americanism was so successful as follows:

It is the untold and unknown political history of America’s 20th Century of the destruction of a society: Traitors, Treachery, and Treason of the undermining of the foundation of the society by the ‘High and Mighty’ for a global government.  Even in America today, the welfarism of socialism has penetrated the society to the point that removing the tit of government dependency has led to, all but, violent demonstrations.  No different than occurred in Greece except those demonstrations were infiltrated by Communist agitators.  America is not guaranteed that won’t happen here anymore.  Starting in the 1960’s, America has lost the patriotism that was the backbone of Americanism.  Unless that is addressed in a solution to save America, it will not be a complete solution.  The enemy within our midst will have a means to keep attacking, and they know exactly how to be successful!

What TCF puts forth to save America, politically incorrect informing and awakening Patriotic America, especially the Tea Party and Veteran Organizations, is the foundation to create the grassroots movement that will be required to get the solution enacted.  TCF introduces the Committee for Justice to the solution that WILL SAVE AMERICA!  It does so that the Committee will understand the acknowledge what the solution will accomplish for America; today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.  Hopefully the Committee will pick up the suggested amendment to the Constitution and move forward too, as part of it’s message to the Save America Project.

Regardless of the outcome of the 2012 election, the solution will either be a dire must or a must to be enacted. Either way, to save America and to restore the Founder’s principles, the amendment is a must.  That cannot be done with the enemy in our midst.  They must be destroyed.

Toby Elster


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