Freedom Watch Re: Impeach Obama

The Constitutional Foundation is an aggressive mover to save America, who exposed the Socialization of America in a mere four years.  That came out of TCF’s principle’s forty years of researching ‘What went wrong with America’.  TCF whole heartedly agrees with Freedom Watch’s ‘Urgent Memo’.  Buy why did you wait so long?  When Obama took his Oath of Office, he was guilty of perjury then.

When Obama spoke his first word, his nomination opening, we knew what his ‘change’ was going to be and what he was going to ‘try’ to do to America.  Several were told to not believe one word he said.  He has not disappointed us, unfortunately.  How much he has destroyed America; the Constitution over riding Congress, his administration of communism, was more than we believed he could get done.  He is far more dangerous than even FDR was.  It reveals just how far American culture has moved in socialism.  Unfortunately, TCF’s understanding how it was done, and who, couldn’t awaken Patriotic America to what was happening to their America.  That leads to the following – a cow town adage that sends a message – to be heeded.

A young and old bull were in a pasture.  The neighbor brought in a herd of cows and put them in his pasture across the road.  The young bull got all excited, mentioned to the old bull, lets go get us a cow. ‘Calm down’, the old bull retorted, ‘we’ll just mosey over there and get them all.’  And that is what must be done to America’s enemy in Her midst – get them all!  They must be destroyed!  It has to be done as a permanent solution, so they can’t arise from the dead as they have done in the past 250 years.  Otherwise they will be back!

The 40 years of researching the enemy found the answers to why, who, and how America got socialized — and more.  Those answers are necessary to know the reasons and causes of what went wrong for a solution to be found that will work.

TCF can visualize a beginning drift of awakening of Patriotic America that will lead to them reclaiming their America from the evil.  Freedom Works should help spread the message far and wide!

Toby Elster


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