Saving America

I’m not much on computers but every time I keep Yahooing up the Tea Party Express, Tea Party Nations and the National Tea Party Federation for an address, I get referred to Freedom Works.  So, I address Freedom Works and hopefully they will furnish those addresses.  Or perhaps better, the enclosed information will be made aware to them.  There is a message to put forth to the Tea Parties if they are to restore a free America and the Constitution.  That is a prerequisite to Save America!

The Constitutional Foundation’s principle spent 40 years researching what went wrong with America, or why America must be saved.  That is, TCF addresses America’s internal enemy in our midst, those anti-Americans destroying the Constitution.  TCF moves to inform Patriotic America of the untold and unknown political history of America’s 20th Century of the undermining of America’s foundation and principles, the Constitution, by America’s ‘High and Mighty’ of traitors, treachery, and treasonous wannabes for a global government under Socialism.  The who, why, and how TCF assumes Freedom Works is aware of.

Out of the research for the answers to the reasons and causes that America has ended up with a president and his cabal of Communists dictating anti-American  laws and regulations; not only came the answers to the why, who, and how.  Also the solution to stop America’s deterioration by her anti-Americans, and how to destroy the enemy in America’s midst and seeing that it will never happen again.

That is the purpose of this letter — to see that the Tea Parties are informed.  They and the Veteran organizations are the grassroots that will see that the solution gets enacted into law and to impart to Patriotic Americans the required foresight to visualize America tomorrow, next century, and longer for all generations to enjoy the road of peace and prosperity and all it has to offer.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this battle can be won.  In a mere four years, the Constitutional Foundation exposed the socialization of America against expert advice that it could not be done.  We are setting the foundation to move with the amendment as soon as the election is over.  The Tea Parties moving with the amendment to beat the anti-American Constitution-destroyers will create the force.  The force that is created by a large group of patriotic Americans all moving with the same objective, and in the same direction cannot be stopped.

Toby Elster


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