To The American Free Press

I’m reading of Socialism’s destruction of human’s initiative and motivation, their character, in Letters of American Free Press, January 30, 2012, on ‘Don’t Abandon Ship, Jesse Ventura” along with USN Ret. Charles Wiggin, “A New U.S. Flag?”  Where do you believe America would be if Washington said, ‘We can’t win this war’?  Or if the soldiers on the beach on D-Day said those cliffs are too high to get to the Germans pouring all they had down on us; or the Colonel who told the German General ‘Nuts’ to request to surrender had done so.  How about the Vietnam vets who fought a war conducted by LBJ’s U.N. directed ‘whiz kids’ that they didn’t want won.  They should be furious, just like I became when I found out that we were sent to destroy Hitler and Japan to save freedom, when FDR, who sent us was working for the destruction of the Constitution and freedoms here!

Those who never quit at the injustices are now plotting to destroy America’s enemy in our midst, the anti-American socialists.  The Tea Parties are moving against those in Congress and the White House to take back America.  The Constitutional Foundation moves to destroy the enemy within to protect the Constitution and the people’s freedoms and rights — the Constitution.  TCF moves to make sure the enemy is destroyed by amending the Constitution’s definition of Treason to make all these Constitution-destroyers the Traitors they are, punishable for Treason.  That would be a permanent solution!


Toby Elster


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