To the Wichita Eagle

“Obama rejects Canadian oil pipeline; a Wichita Eagle headline, January 19, 2012, and dozen of other sources, not one stating the reality of what’s behind it.  If it wasn’t for Obama as president, I wouldn’t have to write so many letters to reveal the truth.  Many call him a Socialist, but his actions says he is a Communist.  When Obama started his campaign, I told several, don’t believe one word he says.  In four years, he hasn’t proven me wrong.  Nebraska can be painted red too.  They sing the same song of the green political environmentalists.

The Keystone XL argument is not about a pipeline, sandhills, or the Ogallala acquifer which averages 300 to 500 feet below the surgaces.  There are oil fields in southwest and southeast Nebraska with thousands of miles of pipelines there for years.  Seven major gas pipelines, one major crude oil and one products pipeline traverse those sandhills, and many more in Colorado and Kansas, so safe no one hears about them. So what is Keystone about?

The environmental greens wish to do away with the use of fossil fuels (coal, crude oil and natural gas) in America use their usual lies.  Fossil fuels is 90% of America’s energy source and there’s nothing to replace it with.  Alternative fuels are a myth.  They hardly replace the growing demand for energy, are far more expensice and inefficient.  The Socialist’s objective, and Obama is their ‘mouth piece’ and abettor, to diminish America’s economic and military power to a second-rate nation; for America to yield her sovereignty to the wannabe world rulers of the United Nations.  The same purpose of the disproved claims of global warming or climate change, why the environmental movement and the ‘weather changers’ came to be.

Keystone XL is another method that causes America’s internal war; to decide which way America goes.  Into European Socialism in the U.N.’s global government, or back to the restored roots of the Founder’s Constitution.  Patriotic Americans fail to recognize it because the political history of America’s 20th Century has been withheld from the people.


Toby Elster


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