The New American – 1/14/12

The more AMerica moves into Socialism by Obama’s cabal of Communists running the Administration, shredding the Constitution, I’m convinced if it wasn’t for the New American and the JBS, America would already be socialized.

For instance, “Belligerent Americans” by Joe Wolverton II, J.D., is a case in point.  The stupidity of the minds who created an amendment to the National Defense Authority Act allowing the detention, without justice, of ‘covered persons’ under the ‘law of war’ shakes a reasonable person’s head.  Undoubtedly, it was meant for the jihadists, but it cane be used against the militias – and as government ‘busy bodies’ do – stretch laws to suit any purpose, soon threatening people’s freedoms and rights.  It is a dangerous law, unconstitutional, and more so, considering those in the White House today.  The Constitutional Foundation maintains these Communists in the administration rule as Lenin and Stalin did, except for eliminating their opposition with a bullet.  The NDAA allows them to lock them up though.

Is is the simplicity of our elected lawmakers who support such that is maddening.  Whether they can’t understand the consequences of their actions, or for self-pleasing purposes, they overlook common sense solutions to solve America’s anti-American Constitution-destoyers’ problems.  A simple amendment to the definition of Treason in the Constitution to make all Constitution-destroyers the traitors they are, prosecutable for Treason, would be a blessing for Patriotic Americans to save and restore America to her founder’s principles and rule of law.

Toby Elster


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