To Sean Hannity – Save Talk Radio

You are absolutely correct; ‘Save Talk Radio’ must be saved.  No only saved but saved, today, for tomorrow, and for the coming generations.  The petition has been executed and returned.  But TCF has a question.  Why do you only move to save talk radio with a negative approach?  That does not destroy the enemy who wishes and tries to destroy you.  That puts you in a constant battle, as your letter set out very vividly.

The Constitutional Foundation recognized that all but fruitless effort as it researched what went wrong with America, or why it has become necessary to saved America most of all.  That is a must if talk radio, Hannity’s TV show, and all conservative talk is to be guaranteed the right to talk the truths which the enemy that moves to destroy conservative talk is allowed their rights too.  If one is going to fight an enemy, a war, then it must be fought to win – or you lose.  That should sound familiar — Vietnam.  America’s enemy in our midst and their efforts to finish the socialization of America to ‘Europeanize’ our society to their failed beliefs must be destroyed if the conservatives are going to win.  Winning a battle here or there doesn’t win the war!

The negative approach is what the conservatives have tried for 60 years and it has gotten America an Obama and his cabal of Communists.  The problem with that negative solution is that it can be changed by an election.

In all of TCF’s research finding truthful answers to why; who; and how America got Communists in control of the governing bodies, TCF also found the solution to destroy America’s anti-American enemy in our midst.  Amending the Constitution to clearly define treason as those who work to destroy the Constitution would solve this problem.

When I mentioned the solution for America’s enemy in our midst at a recent Tea Party event, the audience exploded into cheers of agreement.  Awakening Patriotic America is a must to win America’s internal war to not only save free speech, but to guarantee it stays free!

Toby Elster


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