Claremont Letter of January 13th

The statements made in the captioned letter are right on.  Yes, the Constitution does not matter to America’s Socialists-Communists in the White House, academics, or far too many others who are actively promoting Marxist views.  The Constitution stands in their way and they are trying to destroy it.

We have been alerting Conservative organizations to the need to amend the Constitution.  It does address much of what was pointed out in the Institute’s letter.  With the recognition that the Claremont Institute is an educational Institution, The Constitutional Foundation points out that they are fighting odds of 48 million K-12 students being subject to indoctrination by America’s Educational Socialists who control America’s public education vs a couple million students being exposed to such as the Claremont Institute’s influence.  Much more has to be done while there is hope for the betternent of the good at the expense of what the Socialist are doing to America.  There is hope and a solution to America’s foreign ideological problems to guarantee success for the Institute’s efforts.

Conservatives have not been on the defensive too long but their efforts have been in vain.  Nor do we see that there is any change coming.  In the past decade, America has acquired a conservative media that exposes what TCF has been saying for over a couple decades.  The truths of what went wrong with America is becoming public knowledge.  TCF had expert advice that exposing the socialization of America could not be accomplished.  Yet, in four years TCF had the Wall Street Journal publishing articles of socialism in America.  The other day was heard that Obama was a Communist; which TCF, not being politically correct talking the Socialist’s language, has been using since he was elected. I assume that is permeation — which only occurs when one knows what is meant.

The Constitutional Foundation does realize Patriotic America is seeking a solution to America’s problem.  Every one realizes COngress fails them and they are groping for a solution.  There is a solution possible without Congress in the act — and if the Socialists can manage COngress, so can the Patriotic Americans — with the right solution all moving in the same direction.


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