The High and Mighty – Why America Got Socialized

The Constitution Foundation, in writing of those who are responsible for the Socialization of America, those in positions of power who could influence or control instead of working for America’s welfare, were responsible for undermining America’s foundation and principles.  Their followers, the ‘useful idiots’, served the High and Mighty at the expense of Americanism.

The greatest High and Mighty was John D. Rockefeller, who made the Fabians success of socializing America possible.  These Fabians came to America in 1899, hid themselves under being liberals, came to socialize America into a one world government.  Rockefeller funded their movement with $11,000,000 to further their efforts through America’s education system.  The High and Mighty, since then, have consisted of Presidents, Congressmen, aides, appointed heads of bureaucracies, some of America’s very wealthy, and those of influence.  They infiltrated the political parties and with the big wealth behind them, they are able to influence those who could be nominated and elected, mostly in the Democrat Party.  Their first influential plant was Woodrow Wilson, a Progressive (Socialist) and president of Princeton, who they convinced should run for President in the place of the one who the Democrat Party was going to nominate.

In approximately 1915, the wealthiest of America’s wealthy bought control of the influential media of America.  (The consequences of the Sherman Anti-Trust Law break-up of the Standard Oil Trust as protection to influence their editors what not to print.)  It also silenced the political movement to socialize America.  What followed, your Constitutional Foundation summarizes as:

‘The untold and unknown political history of the 20th Century of undermining of America’s foundation, culture, patriotism, and the Founder’s principles, the Constitution, by the anti-American Socialists on a free road, protected by the ‘High and Mighty’ of traitors, treachery, and treason for a global government of Socialism under the United Nations.’

How do they work?  First of all, they have had control of America’s education system since the 1950’s.  They have been indoctrinating Socialistic beliefs for three generations.  They get favorable legislations passed by hook and crook.  The Civil Rights Bill, for instance.  Martin Luther King Jr. had a cabal of advisors who the FBI had under surveillance as anti-American Socialists and Communists.  They wrote the Civil Rights Act — and it is used to Socialize America.  I’m still waiting for the book that exposes how much Socialism America has gotten coming out of the Act such as the ACLU’s attack on religion.  That would not be if King had used the Constitution’s laws to get people the rights they deserved.

Or take Ted Turner.  He had a small media network in Georgia – and considered a proven Conservative.  When CNN came up for sale, Turner needed $600 million to buy it.  Turner got his $600 million loan.  But the next day, he was a great spokesperson for the Socialization of America; singing, printing, and voicing their beliefs about societies, political environmentalism, et al, through CNN.

The High and Mighties of banking used blackmail as a standard promotion to their Socialist beliefs.  Why did America adopt the stupidity of political environmentalism, throwing common sense in the trash pile?  Our lawmakers were bought off!  Two years ago political environmentalism was proven a faked and lied about pursuit to socialize the world.  Yet, today the head of the EPA still forces their beliefs into law, destroying America’s economy, as good a Communist as the one she serves under, using their boiler-housed science and lies to dictate laws we must live under.  How deep has Socialism penetrated into America’s governing bodies?

A recent book, ‘Red Army’ by Aaron Klien and Brenda Elliott, sets out the penetration of Socialism into America’s government.  But the authors should be chastised for using political correctness for using the titles and names the Socialists gave themselves to hind under.  Progressives, Leftists, Liberals, Moderates, et al, are all Socialists to some degree.  Moderate’s compromises give the Democrats what they want, and then they stand around and wonder what happened, when their great compromise doesn’t work out.  The book, finally in print, is what TCF has been saying for decades.  It also confirms why the Conservatives in 60 years couldn’t even slow the Socialists socializing America, let along stop them, and America finally ends up with Obama and a cabal of Socialists-Communists dictating America’s legislation as they run America into Socialism, destroying her economy and military might to nullify America’s sovereignty to force us into a global government under a failed United Nation’s autocracy of an anti-American mindset.

HOpefully, things are changing.  There are encouraging signs that the Conservatives are making progress.  They have practically acquired a conservative media.  Conservative authors are getting published, which wasn’t so a decade ago.  America’s two worst socializing agencies are under attack; the teacher’s union (it’s hierarchy, not the teachers who should move to take back their NEA), and the EPA.  The Department of Education and the Environmental Protection Agency must go!

Your Constitutional Foundation moves to break the Socialist’s movement in the United States.  It has exposed the socialization of America already. Now, TCF moves to awaken Patriotic America to the untold and unknown history of America being socialized.  From the research of forty years, delving into the depths of Socialism’s ways and why from the day the ‘isms’ of Fascism began a political movement, the solution to what has gone wrong with America became obvious.  The people need a way to protect their freedoms, rights, private property and Rule of Law.  The Constitution needs a way to protect itself  Those can be accomplished by a ‘simple addition’ to the Constitution’s definition of Treason; Article III, Section 3.  That amendment would call for the definition of Treason to include any and all whose sedition, actions or voiced beliefs that would or could destroy the Constitution to make them the Traitors they are, punishable for Treason.

That would also apply to the Islamists who believe in Sharia Law.  Their law destroys the Constitution.

The global government movement is an international undertaking by the world’s greatest Socialists and the believers of a one-world government.  Many are the world’s wealthiest who are members of control of the following international and local organizations:

The Council on Foreign Relations

Trilateral Commission

United Nations


Royal Institute of International Affairs

European Union

WAKE UP PATRIOTIC AMERICA! Our Constitution and what it promises you can’t be guarded anymore by the patriotism of the society  We are becoming a minority to America’s socialized society who does not believe in Constitutional government, free markets, or individualism, but are pushing America into the false and failed societies of socialism and economic slavery!

Toby Elster


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