Oil & Gas Journal 2/11/2012

Rolf Westgard’s letter (O&G Journal, February 6,2012; ‘Renewable energy stool’) is a masterpiece of the busted “Obama administration’s renewable energy stool…” of costs in the multi-billions of the greens predictable fiascos.  His summary, that every believer of the political environmentalists can’t argue against anymore.

“EPA guilty of widespread scientific abuse” by Senators James Inhofe and David Vitter, spread across a Humans Events’ page leads to a comment, “so what else is new?”, except it’s not from the U.N. crowd, but America’s Energy Department.  But the same lies, distortion, unconstitutional dictates of business destroying magnitude with billions of more wasted taxpayer funds.  Which even common sense knew would be a disaster. So what is behind it, realizing those behind it are not stupid?

The environmental movement came out of a conference of the world’s greatest Socialists as a substitute to distract minds because the atomic bomb nullified wars.  It was sold with scare tactics of lies; chicken little’s, ‘the sky is falling’.  The movement was created for the ‘high and mighty’ creating a socialized world for a global government under the United Nations.

Obama, who America got as President in 2008, is the high and mighty’s glib tongued ‘salesman’ who, from his three years of dictating to America, The Constitutional Foundation claims his mentality and actions is of a Communist — who moves to destroy America’s economic and military might for Her to yield Her sovereignty to their dreams of a global government.  As a means to force America to yield, Obama moves to destroy fossil fuel, an industry’s lifeblood.  As a substitute, he pushes alternative fuel.  That it will blackout America isn’t overlooked as being stupid.  Alternative fuels will be forced on America until Obama leaves office, or America yields her sovereignty to the United Nations.  But only in another unknown anti-american is not elected.

These greens will be forgotten, as the world becomes socialized, and turns into the fiasco that Rolf Westgard wrote about, aka economic slavery of socialism’s consequences.

Toby Elster


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