World Jewish Congress Foundation

Thank you for the mailing and our thoughts are for Israel’s welfare and longevity.  TCF considers America to be in more danger of losing her Constitutional foundation than Israel is of it’s demise.  It is a matter of priorities.  Without a solid, strong economic and military America, Israel most likely couldn’t survive!

It took me 20 years to research, and find out why America got socialized.  Another 20 years was spent to research for an understanding of the enemy in America’s midst.  And why, who, and how the enemy thinks and works.  The summary of that research is set out in the paper on ‘The High & Mighty’.  There were many Jews involved and are of the ‘useful idiots’ who vote Democrats into office.  It is a basic weakness of uninformed, disbelieving of the truths, for humans to kiss the hand that will slay them.  So the first priority is to restore the America back to the Founder’s principles of their Constitutional American Republic.  In the 40 years of researching answers, the solution to accomplish the restoration of America’s Constitutional foundation became obvious.  With the solution enacted into law, bot Israel and America get saved!

The message, informing the solution, must be made common knowledge as the first must to enactment.  The solution is set out.  Just making the message common knowledge will put the enemy on the defensive and out of the way.  Patriotic Americans, still a majority, will see to the enactment of the solution.  The World Jewish Congress Foundation should join in to make the message common knowledge, for America & Israel’s sake!

Toby Elster


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