Response to ‘Evolve or Die’ by Ned Ryun – The American Spectator Feb. 2012

This three-year anniversary of the Tea Party says exactly what the Constitutional Foundation wrote three years ago.  That if the Tea Parties didn’t coalesce around a common goal, the Constitutional Foundation put a solution for America’s anti-American foreign ideology penetration into Her midst, and move in the same direction, Ned Ryun would write the article he did.  It is a sad, heartbreaking rendition of patriotic Americans who are blinded by non-beliefs into believing what hasn’t worked for 60 years, can be made to work.  That mistake has gotten America a cabal of Communists at the highest seats of governing the people’s freedoms and rights away.  What has occurred in the 2012 election to date, doesn’t indicate that the Republicans will attain a veto-proof Congress, even if Obama is a one-term President.

Four areas to address:

1. A coalesced large force, moving in the same direction with the same objective for a goal.

2. That America has a very powerful movement to socialize America from the Hight and Mighty for a global government, enemy in Her midst, using the Constitution to destroy the Constitution.  And nothing stands in their way anymore that says they can’t win America’s internal war for their beliefs to rule.

3. That this High and Mighty’s movement has penetrated and indoctrinated socialism in every facet of the society to the point of changing America’s culture to their beliefs.  They have now influence a voting cadre of ‘useful idiots’ nearing 50%!  Their position is now able to swing an election in their favor, whereas, a mere five decades ago they were 20% – 25%.

4. Before the ramp leading the the freeway of restoring America’s Founders’ principles can be pursued with any degree of certainty, the enemy in America’s midst must have their power to interfere, stall, stop or continue to slow patriotic Americans efforts, destroyed.  The enemy must be rendered incapable of ‘getting in the way’ of the restoration of America’s Constitutional Republic.  It is not advisable to hinge the restoration of America on every election.  The solution to America’s foreign ideologist undermining of the Constitution can prevent that.

Once again, TCF puts for the permanent solution to win America’s internal war to restore America’s greatness for peace and prosperity!  The next task is to awaken Patriotic Americans.

Toby Elster


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